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Damian Grzegorczyk

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My name is Damian Grzegorczyk, 27 age. I was born and raised in Poland - Tarnobrzeg (province podkarpackie). My adventure with a music began in childhood. When I was 4 years old, I got a gift from my parents- a little children accordion, on which I started to play some first melodies. After that, my parents signed me up for a special music group and enrolled me at a music school of 1st level in Tarnobrzeg. I belonged to a grand piano class. When I was 12-year-old, my sister borrowed from her friend a cassette with Elvis Presley’s songs. I listened to his songs as often as it was possible. Anyway.. Since then, I have been interested in his personality, life and creative activity as well. At first I sang at playing songs from a deck, and later I tried to do it by myself. At that time, I didn’t speak English at all, that’s why I wrote lyrics phonetically in my language. My first, real show was when I was in 6th grade of elementary school, I sang couple of Presley’s songs, it was kind of karaoke show. My debut ended up with thunderous applause and since then, people nicknamed me “Elvis - the name stuck with me. I didn’t really want to continue my education in that school though, since being a music teacher wasn’t in my plans. Using a guitar borrowed from one of my friend, I began to compose my first own songs. A couple of years after, I started to listen to songs of the following artists: B.B King, John Lee Hooker Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, Billy Ray Cirus and Johnny Cash. So, I started from rock and roll through blues and ended up with country music. I am a great fan of Elvis Presley, but I wouldn’t like to imitate him literally, I also don’t stick to one type of music. Besides, pieces of Elvis, in my own repertoire I have some kinds of blues and rock country songs too. In 1999, in cooperation with other musicians, I recorded my first own compositions in the Musicland studio in Warsaw, and a year later some other pieces in studio in Katowice. Then, I began to give concerts in some local clubs and pubs. A year after, I left for France, where had some chances to play in clubs. It is hard to support myself just by playing amateur music, that’s why I decided to look for a luck somewhere else. First of all, I wanted to speak good English. In Fall 2002, I left for 3 months to Australia to learn the language, I was there over a year. I learned English, but I had to support myself somehow, so I worked where it was possible, for example in construction company installing alarming systems. In the evenings, I held a concert on jam session with couple famous musicians in Sydney blues society. There, for the first time I was appreciated by people. The biggest concert that I gave, was in Sydney for about 17 thousands, mostly polish people, it took place in Darling Harbor during Christmas party with participation of polish consul. Everything was in BBC radio and TV station care. After I came back to Poland, was able to buy my own electric-acoustic guitar, the one that I have always dreamed about. Currently, I keep giving concerts in clubs, casinos, company party, promotional event, restaurant/club, fundraiser, and more. I got a lot of beautiful my own compositions still awaitnig to be recorded and issued. My biggest personal dream is to find somone (record company promoter) who would believe in me and help me to record and issue my own songs in a professional way. I'm still waiting for my lucky star and don't give up! I hope that one day some of my dreams would come true - Following what Elvis once said ,, I learned very early in life that: ‘Without a song, the day would never end; without a song, a man ain’t got a friend; without a song, the road would never bend - without a song.......' So I keep singing a song.