Damian Howard

Damian Howard

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Singer/songwriter Damian Howard embraces the full palette of musical genres by blending acoustic, country, soul-blues and folk-pop sounds. With numerous performances at festivals in Australia and Europe his songs have been recorded by International and National artists.


Award winning singer-songwriter Damian Howard and his Band have been a festival favourite for many years and have gained this reputation due to the diversity of each performance. Howard's original-penned songs take the audience on a musical journey - weaving narratives of life, love and loss through to dancing and singing along to his original songs "...Coming all the way from Australia they get the massive crowd singing along to his new song 'Out of My Hands' like it's a time-honoured classic.... (Hebcelt Festival, Scotland)

Damian Howard and The Ploughboys are a great band to watch. They seem to have a crowd of instant fans like fish in the desert after rain, they magically appear, attracted by a swaggering and cheeky Aussie gregarious presence that raises the stakes with real passion...

This group is for all seasons, their formula of Country RootsRock reaping success at home and abroad.

Howard's songs blend acoustic, country and rock to give a feel similar to Tim and Neil Finn's critically acclaimed 'Everyone is Here' ....

Damian Howard's latest CD release Out of My Hands showcases a new sound and new line up... The line up has changed dramatically in recent times and it's hotter than ever before!. The new original material has a country roots-rock infused flavour and the first single release All I Ever Wanted has been featured on ABC's Rage earlier this year and on high rotation on CMC.

The songs from Out of My Hands are full of single potential and have been warmly received by audiences throughout Australia, Europe and the USA. With successful performances at festivals and venues around Australia, USA and  European Tours in 2008, 2009 & 2011 culminating with a performance at the famous Hebridean Festival on The Isle of Lewis, Scotland in front of 6000 people and filmed by the BBC. This performance has been regularly featured on the BBC over the past 12 months.

Out of My Hands was released in 2010 at the Thornbury Theatre to a sell out crowd and a number of videos of songs off the CD (All I Ever Wanted, Out of My Hands and One Step Forward) have been regularly featured on CMC TV and ABC's RAGE TV progam.

Damian Howard released his debut solo CD One in 2006 with his band The Gentle Souls.
One is a deceptive and consumate album of original compositions that embrace the full palette of song writing by blending acoustic, country, soul-blues and folk-pop sounds and is the product of ten years of near-constant evolution. 'A step away from the Celtic sounds of his work with The Ploughboys but is in tune with that gentle lush folk-pop by acts such as Colin Hay, Mick Thomas and Howard's older brother Shane' (Matt Neal, The Warrnambool Standard)

'In a fair and just world the outstanding Mercy should be rated as one of the Australia songs of the year' (David Connolly, Geelong Advertiser)

As the creative force and lead singer/ songwriter with the popular Celtic Rock Band The Ploughboys Damian has toured extensively throughout Australia and overseas performing at many well-known venues and music festivals, including a performance at the MCG in 2001 and again in 2005 at the Telstra Dome as the pre-match entertainment before the International Rules Football match between Australia and Ireland to an estimated NAtional NAd International audience of over 10 million people.

As the principal songwriter for The Ploughboys Damian's songs have received airplay on the ABC throughout Australia and have been featured on a number of ABC compilation CDs. His songs have been sought by a number of National and International artists. On her critically acclaimed release 'Full Tide' legendary Irish singer, Mary Black, recorded a co-written song of Damian's and his brother, Shane Howard, titled 'St Kilda Again'. Damian is also featured as a backing vocalist on the opening track 'Land of Love'.




Written By: Damian Howard

2. fall (damian howard) © control 2006

life closes in surrounded by the years
when you remind me every time i fall
i’m waiting here just drowning in my fears
when you remind me of every time i fall
‘cause i’m waiting here just wishing that i could change my ways
and i know that i’ve gone missing i know the mistakes i’ve made
and i’m hoping that you just might see the better side of me
in spite of my faults….with all my faults

what a waste of this life to spend your time
to feel like you’re falling....falling down
and words are so true in the wrong hands so crue
when you remind me …every time i fall
‘cause i can’t escape this feeling like i’ve never felt before
and i’m trying to find a reason to make sense of it all
but i’m hoping that you just might see the better side of me
in spite of my faults….with all my faults

with autumn change arrives another day
like leaves all around me and they’re falling down
‘cause i’m seeing things so clearly like i’ve never seen before
and i’m pleading for forgiveness for the things i don’t recall
but i’m hoping that you just might see the better side of me
in spite of my faults….with all my faults


Written By: Damian Howard

the easy part is understanding the hardest part is knowing why
and outstretched hand is just a token
a warm embrace is a star filled sky

truth comes easy from the heart
love is lost on deceptive lies
the photograph captures the moment
the in between is just real life

if i stumble if i fall if i throw away it all
and i’m down on my knees
show me a little mercy

when you find that rock of gold hold it gently way up high
the wise the weary the words of the old
don’t let this time just pass you by

progress takes that backward step
to make way for money’s great prize
there’s an unheard voice in a howling gale
there’s broken heart endless tears that we cried

if i stumble if i fall if i throw away it all
and i’m down on my knees
show me a little mercy

deals are passed in the still of night
castle’s falling all around
and the narrow views of a small coastal town
but the warning bells don’t make no sound

if i stumble if i fall if i throw away it all
and i’m down on my knees
show me a little mercy

New Day

Written By: Damian Howard


Late at night, call came through
From an old friend from the past
We talked for a while about all the old times
All the memories, all those laughs

After a while, the small talk died
He said, my life’s been torn in two
The silence tears at the bitter heart
What can a broken man do?

It’s a bitter pill that you swallow
When you light has turned to grey
The many hearts that suffer
Lie in wait for the dawning of a new day

She cursed the night they fell in love
She cursed the day
When all hope is gone, you count the cost
Things will never be the same

He said I know that I’ve done some things I regret
There’s things I shouldn’t have said
My careless ways, all the heartache and pain
In the days before she left


As people go about their every day
For me everything’s changed
A weekend pass, with my kids in the park
I’m struggling to find my way

I have to be strong, soldier on
And accept this change
This house is still quiet; I’ve stopped trying to fight it
I’m waking up to my new day

Out of My Hands

Written By: Damian Howard


What ever happened my old friend?
Did someone let you down again?
A lifetime of work in a handful of time
When you’ve felt so undervalued for most of you life

When you realised that you’d run out of luck
When you made me drink from your poison cup
Did you think that I’d give up
don’t you know that life it just goes on and on

It’s out of my hands, out of my hands
It’s out of my hands, out of my hands

What the hell do you expect?
When you give no credence, when you pay no respect
And now your shallow world is falling apart
Standing broken with that lonely heart

When you thought you had so much to prove
When you set yourself right up to lose
Did you think you’re better than all the rest?
Don’t you know that I’ve moved on and on and on now?

It’s out of my hands, out of my hands
It’s out of my hands, out of my hands

When you’re looking for the answers
When you’re looking for a soft place to land
When all the things that mattered
Just like sand slippin’ through your hands

But I can forgive you
Even though you let me down
What’s there to prove now?
What goes around come around