Damien Carter

Damien Carter

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Top of the line Vocals and outstanding band!


DaVine is Outstanding! They perform songs they have written to covers and all is at the highest level! Damien and DaVine have been together for two years and have played for Hotel Valencia in Santana Row, The Rockit Room in SF, The American Cancer Society, Cattlemans Ball, and The Capital Club to name a few. The new Sam Cooke movie, “You Send Me” is about the rise and fall of one of the greatest singers of all time as told by someone very close to Sam-his brother Charles Cooke and other members of his family who so humbly gave Producer, Mary Frances, their time and memories of a man they lost so young and loved so much. Damien Carter, who sings like Sam Cooke, has a unique voice and outstanding acting ability that is a tremendous tribute to Sam’s life in this movie.


"Love is Gone" from the Lp Freedom

Set List

Love Is Gone, Freaky "D" Key, Free To Be Me, Just Hanging Out, Where Do I Go, Snake and they do covers from Luther Vandross, Sam Cooke, Santana, Al Green, Maroon 5, 3rd Eye Blind, Marc Anthony and The Rolling Stones