Damien Cripps Band

Damien Cripps Band


The Damien Cripps Band play live to around 2500 people on a weekly basis . Any night of the week you can catch them playing at one of the great clubs or pubs in north bridge. With 220 gigs last year there sound is far from localized . Sporting a velvet sound blended with Juicy Australian overtones.


When you ask someone, "do they know any musicians?” most people who say yes, are talking about people who play or have the ability to play music. If you know Damien you know a true musician, someone who has literally poured everything into his band. Damien has sacrificed his all to have the best people, truest reasons, and boldest sound. From the age of 4 Damien was anticipating a life surrounded by Music . Sure it hasn’t all been Roses and Butterflies but the highs have far out weighed the lows.
After a chance meeting with Mark Gable (Choirboys’) and Erik Weideman (Nineteen27) a friendship was formed that saw Mark and Erik flying on a monthly basis to join Damien's then band "Gift Box" on stage at sold out shows. Damien went on to change the name of his act to "TDCB" and now more than ever weaves his Charismatic sound and nature onto many stages not only in Western Australia but nationally and internationally. Damien is traveling with a 4 piece band and still delivers one of the most heart felt performances you may ever see .This will give you an idea of the mark he is leaving
Jimmy Barnes - Support - too many times to count
Shannon Noll - Support - 2 tours
Eric Bourdon & The New Animals - Support - 1 tour
Billy Thorpe - Support - 2 tours
Moora Country Campout - 2 consecutive years 04-05
Richard Marx - Support
Sembawang festival - Singapore
Nineteen 27 - joined as touring guitarist and opener
Mark Seymour - support
Resident band @ Mustang bar for 6 years
Diesel - Support 1 tour
Screaming Jets - Support
His recorded works although not backed by a label have reached some listeners too. Damien and his band have received airplay on 96fm, WAFM , 2ue and live 365 to list a few



Written By: Damien Cripps

The Damien Cripps Band
Monday comes, shopping’s done, I guess ill put the T.V on
You will make it, and then you’ll break it
In and out on the phone, can’t get you girl on your own
You’ll be talking and ill be walking
Then there’s you with someone new, I can’t believe you’re actually gone
You were faking and I was mistaken

Bring me Pictures of you
Three red candles and a little perfume
Bring me pitchers of wine
A little Jack Daniels, tequila on the side
Monday Comes shopping’s done I guess ill put the T.V on
Your loves been stolen, did you own it?
Friday comes the weekends on and someone’s got the Radio on
You were faking I was mistaken


Someone saw you now they adore you
Its kind a like your running from the sun
Love will find you its right behind you
And im putting your name on the card



Copyright Damien Cripps 2007


"Pictures" with special guests Erik Weideman(nineteen 27) and Robbie James (GANGgajang) 2006 - Radio - 96fm Perth , WAFM - Western Australia , Streaming "Live 365"
"Angels In Darkness" 2006 Radio - 96fm Perth - 2ue Sydney - Streaming "live 365"

Set List

1. Welcome to the Show
2. What If ?
3. Universe
4.Black the City
5.Celebrity Slide
7.World is Shaking
9. Lemon tree
10 Angels in Darkness