Damien Simon

Damien Simon


Live, progressive, trance. A mixture of classical, jazz, and dance musics. A very high energy sound, very unique to the genre.


Damien Simon

Buffalo-based composer and guitarist Damien Simon has made a name for himself as a writer of scores for film, theater and dance productions. So perhaps it is not surprising that while Simon’s latest musical exploration, Muddle is a distinct departure from the traditional concept of dramatic orchestration, the recording contains all of the same sensational theatricality that usually accompanies a cinematic or dramatic score. Oh yeah, and you can dance to it too!

After studying music composition at Purchase College and at The University of Dublin, Damien Simon toured the U.S. as a solo artist and recorded two independently released CDs. Those performances and recordings both earned rave reviews for their combination of classical and ambient arrangements and so impressed noted Toronto dance producers and remixers DJ Iain and 303Dreams (whose previous client list includes new spins on artists ranging from Madonna to Sloan) that they happily agreed to work the board for Simon’s next record.

After over a year of careful preparation, Simon’s new record is finally ready to drop and is sure to electrify the airwaves with its singular sound. Muddle is a record that seamlessly blends ambient soundscapes, tight rhythms and contagious melodies into one richly eclectic listening experience. So what exactly do you call this type of music? Classical-trance? Ambient techno? While it is difficult to easily categorize Muddle with any definitive catchphrase, the musician behind the recording is happy to call it “Progressive Trance” and leave it at that. “This is really just an electronic version of my orchestral work,” says Simon. “Each piece has its own personality … there’s nothing the same about any of them.”

The artist certainly nails it on the head there. The album is flush with a variety of tones and musical themes. Muddle starts with a subdued but slowly surging intro that barely hints at the sonic maelstrom that is to follow. The disc’s first song, “Longlife (Excerpt)”, displays hints of middle-eastern, classical and jazz influences. While Simon's methodical guitar licks dance over a hypnotic beat, the listener quickly realizes that they are in store for an exciting new listening experience. By the next track, “Color Green”, the tempo has been raised and the track's polyrhythms propel the cut into a ready-made dance-floor classic. Synths dramatically swell to a point where Damien's delicately finger-picked guitar notes take over, setting a dramatic sounding theme that provides the cut with its memorable hook. The groove seamlessly continues with lilting yet funky instrumental “Abatrick” and the extended beat meditations “Bellow” and “Endura” two fast-paced, hypnotically rhythmic pieces that gradually bring the recording to its breathless conclusion.

Being both contagiously upbeat and mesmerizing, Muddle manages to represent the perfect soundtrack for either starting or ending your evening. An impressive new chapter in the Electronica genre, Muddle is sure to quickly bring Simon wide exposure in dance clubs and radio stations.


MUDDLE - 2005

Set List

Live hour long set, no covers. Mostly club music