Da Minted

Da Minted

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DaMinted is Extremely Versatile, with phenomenal Hip Hop Lyrics. Their music Contains substance and viability. They Have a "knack" for commanding the stage; once while performing at South Carolina State's Homecoming, they turned a booing, ruthless crowd into a standing ovation.


Born Shannon Chavis and Khafre Chapman, "Daddy Shave” and "FRE" command the spotlight with their energetic stage presence and engaging rap flava that has no rules and knows no boundaries. They are the big dawg duo of the hip-hop group DaMinted.

With their roots in Florida, the symbolic Rapper/songwriters spent their childhood growing up together in Gainesville with eventual plans to attend Florida A & M University in Tallahassee. It was after a playful freestyle session in a dorm room while attending FAMU in 1999 that the poetic lyricists began rapping together, which led to the formation of their hip-hop partnership.

Exploding onto the hip-hop scene as "a force to be reckoned with" in a time of lyrical hip-hop sound a likes and themes; DaMinted has managed to carve out their own identifiable sound than distinguishes them from others in the hip hop area. "We're just trying to put the funk back into the music." says.

With a Buzz around town about this dynamic duo and their tandem hip-hop harmonies and infectious rap lyrics, DaMinted has captured the interest of local DJ's and are quickly gaining airplay from radio stations in Tallahassee, Gainesville, St. Petersburg Florida and Valdosta, Ga. along with invitations for live radio appearances. DaMinted has also been a features guest on the Tallahassee TV show "Holla Back" a local showcase for area talent.

The Tallahassee based duo performs regularly in Florida, Georgia and Alabama and is currently promoting their music to record labels, media and other entertainment industry venues. Among their many venues, DaMinted has co-billed with rap artist, Thrill da Playa, Big Gipp, Rated R, lil' Wayne, Jackie-O and comedians Bro-man and Shawty.

With their catchy rap lyrics, energetic stage presence and fresh new sound with beats to match; DaMinted has managed to merge all of these elements into one distinct flavorful package making them the up and coming hip-hop artists to watch.

During an interview with Deep Magazine, when asked about their future plans, DaMinted said, "We want to influence a lot of people... that's our biggest goal. Doing this music thang, a lot of people don't realize that when you have a microphone... you got power with that microphone... if you're not making music to inspire people and influence people, then I don't know what you're in it for... or I question why you're in it."


DaMinted Arisen: Debut Independent release.
You can buy/listen to the album at DaMinted.4t.com or Cdbaby.com/cd/daminted.

Set List

Two set shows 45 min. each.
Crowd pleasers: "Life is so sick," "Kick it," "Gank me," "DM," and "Ooh u Shouldn'a did dat"(Grand prize winner of Rep yo City tour).