Unique in His delivery and stage presence, a true star in the making and a gifted songwriter. Damion posesses a gift that comes from one source...God!


Damion Rowe – Singer/Songwriter

A true inspiration to all that meet him, Damion Rowe is more than just a talented singer/songwriter. With a gentle tone and earnest songs, his music stretches far beyond the reach of just Gospel listeners. With effortless delivery, his message is candy for your ears and nourishment for your soul.

At the age of four, he discovered his love for music. He used to visualize that a host of angels were singing. His true realization and love for music started at age fifteen when he developed a likeness for the music of Kenneth “Babyface” Edmunds, Tevin Campbell, Whitney Houston and others, but knew that there was much more. Damion discovered an emptiness in his life, and prayed to God for fulfillment.

That fulfillment he prayed for became evident in his singing and songwriting abilities. He considers himself to be a man for all people despite of race, color or creed, and with a hope that his music will glorify God and edifies the hearts that hear it. His album has just been released and he looks forward to what God has in store for him.

There is no doubt that Damion’s talent coupled with his desire to spread the word of God will be one day heard by the masses.


Generation For Jesus

Set List

Generation For Jesus
My Jesus
Why Do You Worry About Things
In All My Search
You Are The Star
Trust And Obey
Closer To You