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When I listen to the ministry of Damion OrLando there's only one word that comes to mind "Timely".I believe that for a long time an artist especially in gospel had to kinda stay in a box. So with the lyrics and melody that God has placed in this minister, the world is about to feel a fresh wind.


Another rappers head has sunk in disappointment, the crowd has called in, the phone lines are lit up, live on the radio the listeners heard "... you just got beat by a Gospel artist!" Damion Orlando, has just won another battle. For weeks to follow countless emcees would fall to a guy that can pick them apart by mocking the industry hype around rappers and still managing to tell them about the love of Christ. This is Damion Orlando- Hip Hop Worship leader. While those two terms have not been fused together before, there has not been artist quite like Damion Orlando. Growing up in the church, Damion quickly learned the freedom and liberty brought about by the presence of God, but was fascinated by the Hip Hop culture as well. This was a time when Hip Hop was not allowed in the church and definitely not accepted as a style of worship. Damion began rapping for fun initially. As a singer, his voice allowed him to deliver a variety of flows, as a Jamaican he could also encapsulate the main stream dance hall style as well. So what do you call a singer, rapper, reggae artist? If you ask Damion Orlando, he’d say simply call him a worshiper. A string of underground songs have been floating around and the industry is buzzing. A recent mixtape that he did alongside his brother Andre "Dre 27 " Archat, showed that not even the war in Iraq could stop him from accomplishing what God has purposed him to do. Now gearing up for his first album release "A Lifetime of Preparation, " fans of Damion Orlando are filled with excitement of the international style that will make him an international star. While he is humbled at the comparisons to T.I., Ludacris, Bounty Killa, and Sean Paul, the Florida artist- WORSHIPER is ready to show the world, a troubled past couldn’t hold him, Iraq couldn’t kill him, instead it all became ammunition for songs that give God glory. If you love real Hip Hop, If you love music, whether or not you go to church, you will love Damion Orlando.


State Of Emergency 2 :The Controversy & The Takeover
State Of Emergency :Trinity (Spring 2008)
A Lifetime Of Preparation (Summer 2008)
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Set List

Pusha, No More Me, No Chasa, 3 Days, Feelings Again are just some of the songs you will hear from Hip-Hop's Worship Leader