Dammit Christine

Dammit Christine


Dammit Christine is an explosive Canadian project, fusing passionate melodies with a sonically raw physicality. With the presence of a fierce and entertaining live show, Dammit Christine has a vision set on conquering its audience by making an intense and emotional connection.


Dammit Christine is a Toronto based indie band consisting of musicians from different parts of the world (Toronto,Dubaï,Quebec City) who have come together to produce a sound blending their various influences. A mixture of honest songwriting and passionate execution, Dammit Christine's music has been described as Pixies meets Radiohead meets Modest Mouse meets Billy Talent.

Brothers Max and Alex Wright have collaboratively written, recorded and produced music for years. Toiling in their makeshift home studio, with Max handling drums and vocals, and Alex handling guitars and bass, the brothers steadily refined their sound, building multiple albums' worth of material, nevertheless growing ever-restless with their inability to perform their songs live. In the summer of 2004, after countless sonic evolutions and name changes, the brothers resolved to assemble a live cast of able musicians to bring their songs to life. Shaken by a recent and brutal falling out with one of his close friends, Max called the project Dammit Christine.
In late 2004, after numerous unyielding auditions for a bassist, Max sought and contacted Ahmed Sayed, a bassist with whom he had performed in another Toronto band, and in whom he had confidence and the knowledge of supreme ability. Upon auditioning, Ahmed was quickly invited into the band, at which point he parted ways with his project at the time and was made the third member of Dammit Christine.
As the band auditioned for the elusive fourth member, they began rehearsing and refining their live show, with Max simultaneously handling drums and vocals. As countless candidates for drums and vocals failed to meet up with the band's stringent expectations for ability and style, Max, Alex and Ahmed became set on the notion of performing as a three-piece band.
In the summer of 2005, with the band poised for its first show as a three-piece, Ahmed received a follow-up message in regards to a stale internet classifieds post calling for auditions. Cindy Caron, who had recently relocated to Toronto from her hometown, Quebec City, in order to find and join a serious and refined rock band, was quickly scheduled for an audition. After the first audition it was easily decided that Cindy, the hard-hitting drummergirl from Quebec, would be an ideal fit for the band. Thus Cindy Caron was welcomed as the fourth and final member of Dammit Christine.
With the band lineup complete, Dammit Christine was soon playing shows regularly in Toronto.

With an inherent chemistry among its members stemming from their fully developed individual styles and sense of purpose as musicians, Dammit Christine's confidence and intensity on stage has rapidly grown, establishing them in the modest time they have been performing together as a serious and developed project in the Toronto indie music scene. With shows booked in the province of Quebec and elsewhere, and with their first EP in hands, 2006 should prove to be a year of expansion and propulsion for Dammit Christine.


Plastic Theory

Written By: M.Wright

It feels like I'm stepping on your sunshine.
I never make you smile, but
You play it like you're alright.
I'm waiting for the right time to
Make my appeal, but
Words just pass you by...

Your hair is beautiful...let it go...

You are not the same as then, so don't compare it

Your hair is beautiful...let it go...

One More Favour

Written By: M.Wright

If you ask one more favor,
I'll take it back right now.
In the worst of behaviour,
I want to touch you now.

Once to heal you, twice to kill you, Everybody wanted...blood drawn..
It's never been somebody's need
I will consume you in my sleep
...You just wait and see


Written By: Max Wright

We need to break the frozen ground and make a hole
and fill it up with what we know to keep it safe from ever being told

another WORD, another WAY
to describe the way we don't relate
another FACE, a second NAME
to earse what isn't there
you never heard about it...

we tell the kids just enough to fill them up
and if they found out what was there, we'd have to take their heads to be repaired

another WORD, another WAY
to describe the way we don't relate
another FACE, a second NAME
to replace the way we die
whatever happened to us?!

"I was talking to Cindy about all these things you'd rather put in the earth than keep around of the world, at the start, you were told...I said without your body then you're only a ghost."

a list of names in blood inscribed to keep us warm
holding on until the air dries up
you know the dirt will just absorb our bones, this time you never heard about us.


Dammit Christine - "One more favour EP"
release date:january 16.2006

2-One more favour
3-Plastic Theory
5-Fool the sun
6-You've got no heart

Dammit Christine - demo 2005
1-Plastic Theory
2-Fool the Sun
3-You've got no heart

"Plastic Therory": Natradio www.natradio.com
"Fool the sun": Emergenza radio www.emergenza.net
"Martians": Spin by DJ The Minister in few T.O clubs

Set List

Mussolini picnic
Oblivion 0
One More Favour
Fool the Sun
Plastic Theory
Burst of envy
Say you love her
Eskimo Disco
You've got no heart

Our usual set time is approximately 30 minutes, but we have songs to play 45 minutes.