Damned Holy Rollers

Damned Holy Rollers

 St. Louis, Missouri, USA

A Power trio of Stoner Rock that even ladies can enjoy.


Oren and Codey went to the same school and grew up in the same town in rural northeast Missouri. They had each been playing their instruments on their own for some time before starting their first band Quarterstone and playing gigs around Kirksville, MO. Quarterstone disbanded after their Vocalist tragically passed away, so Oren and Codey moved to St. Louis in 2008. They found Ashton after seeking musicians in St. Louis to start a new band and from there Damned Holy Rollers was formed.

DHR has set out to make music most anyone who likes rock can get into. They pride themselves on trying to make good music that never sounds similar to the other songs in the set. But, still have a cohesive whole for the band.

More sex than drugs and violence, Damned Holy Rollers are cutting a niche in the Stoner Rock world with catchy riffs that make you head bang while getting the ladies to move their hips.