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Damn Fools

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Established on Jan, 2012
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“When music isn’t perfect it shows its human quality, and that’s kinda what you get with recording live off the floor. Its not done by a computer or a machine, and that’s the basis of rock and roll. And as musicians, if we didn’t do something perfect on the record, we have to live with that. It’s like a snap shot in time…recording the energy at that moment.” - Vancitybuzz.com

"Fox Seeds Top 20 announced"

Damn Fools was included in the Fox Seeds Contest for 2013! - Supernova.com

"Review | Damn Fools @ Library Square – April 25th 2013"


Thursday nights are usually an indication of two things: that it’s nearing the end of a work week and possibly time to share a few pints with friends after work for Thirsty-Thursdays. This particular Thursday marked the first time I experienced a live show at Library Square- a venue probably more associated for watching a Canucks game or going out for drinks and dancing on weekends and probably (though hopefully not) trapped in line outside. This time it was to go see a double set of rock and blues numbers by up-and-coming Vancouver band Damn Fools. Where once was smashed beer bottles on a crowded dance floor, now were mics, amps, and electric guitars.
Admittedly, this was not the first time I have been fortunate to catch this new band play. The first time was at the classic Kits favorite, The Bimini. At the time, they were a live staple in the place, honing their chops and building upon their performance. Starting out, it’s always important for a band to develop their sound and style by playing live as often as possible in front of a live crowd, no matter how packed the house. Just like the Beatles and many bands before them, Damn Fools have benefited, improved and grown from these experiences and their classic stylings and roots are certainly testament to that. You can tell that this band is as enthralled with classic rock sound as it is with anything contemporary. In fact, the first time I saw the band play, there were about as many covers of classic tunes from bands like the Rolling Stones and Creedence Clearwater Revival in their repertoire as there were originals. Definitely not a bad thing. All artists become who and what they are from the meticulous study of their influences, and from mining inspiration from those sources and piecing and stitching the elements they enjoy most together. Seeing Damn Fools a second time I have the luxury of comparing and contrasting their two shows and measure their development- and I must say that this band has come a long way.
Around 10 or so, Damn Fools took the stage and unleashed a thunderous roar of crunching guitar riffs, bluesy solos, powerfully tight drumming, thick bass, keyboard flourishes and soulful vocals. Immediately I was struck by how polished they had become, and to everyone else seeing them for the first time, it was obvious that this was more than a mere bar band. The band hadn’t lost touch with the cover tunes that helped get them to this point, however. “Brown Sugar” by the Stones and “Signed, Sealed Delivered” by Stevie Wonder were still featured in the band’s set, but it wasn’t the covers I was most impressed with. If Damn Fools spent the last several months between when I first saw them and now designing the architecture of what would be their sound, their covers definitely played their part in that, but the new material they had come up with proved itself to shine just as bright. Adding a keyboardist definitely brought a strong new melodic element to their music as well, allowing for two talented guitarists to add the edginess of their songs. Damn Fools played on after a brief intermission, shifting effortlessly between rock, blues, and soul while Library Square slowly filled up and people became brave enough to enter the dance floor and get swept up in their rhythm. Alternating between shorter numbers and longer jams, the band played a consistently engaging double set allowing for variation to coincide with their momentum. It’s refreshing to see a band slowly progress into who they want to be and definitely a treat to watch a band like Damn Fools where each band member is entirely integral to the machinery of what the makes the music work. Plugging their shimmeringly soulful single “Shame” off their upcoming debut release this June was also a great way to end on a high note and offer a sense of what’s to come for this band in the months ahead. Damn Fools are also featured in the line up for the 2nd Keloha summer music and arts festival this July where they are certain to bring more fans to the fold.
All in all, any given thursday is a nice one to catch some killer live music by a local band, but the Damn Fools proved that they are a band to start watching more closely. - ConcertAddicts.com


Off the Floor by Damn Fools released 22 June, 2013.

Shame Single by Damn Fools released 05 April, 2013.



Taking refuge with guitars, a handheld tape recorder and a collection of old LPs, Damn Fools song-writing journey stems from the most vintage of musical idioms: classic rock and roll, blues, soul, and southern groove.

The band released their debut album Off the Floor in June of 2013. Recorded at Vancouver's iconic Mushroom Studios, Off the Floor unleashes a thunderous roar of crunchy guitar riffs, bluesy solos, powerfully tight drumming, thick bass, tasteful piano and organ, and soulful vocals. 


We wanted our first album to really set the tone for who we are as a band. This record is an excellent portrayal of a year of preparation and hard work. Its a solid foundation for who we are as musicians, what kind of music we like to play and the way we believe music should be recorded. Explains singer Mike Twining


Damn Fools tracked Off The Floor in 4 days at the helm of producer Dave Ogilvie, honouring the way bands like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin and CCR would have recorded in the late 60s and early 70s.  Each song was recorded live in its entirety using an analogue 2 reel-to-reel tape machine. Each band members performance was captured honestly and genuinely, in the moment. 


Recording live is like a snapshot in time. Explains Guitarist Andrew Twining.  It retains a human element and is not always perfect.  When youre live you only get one take, and if you mess it up you have to do the whole thing over again. There is very little margin for error, but its those natural little errors that give it a human tone.


The act of playing a live show is coming full circle in the musical process. For the fans, it is a chance to experience the music in its rawest form, and witness the artistry face to face.

In two years, this outfit of 6 have evolved to be the band they are today from the meticulous study of their influences, and from mining inspiration from those sources, piecing and stitching the elements they enjoy most together.


It is rare to witness a band like Damn Fools perform live, where each member is entirely integral to the machinery of what the makes the music work.  Mike Twining is your happy-go-lucky front man, forever burdened with the task of evoking emotion through voice. Andrew Twining is the dark-haired version of the guitar slinging Keith Richards. A bottomless well of musical ideas combined with an extraordinary sense of timing. Chris Ball, like most accomplished bass players, oozes with humility. His role as the man of low register, playing in the pocket is what he lives for. Jovan brings a perfect balance of Bonham and Ringo to the drum kit; Power infused with finesse and individuality. Mike Turner is a self-taught piano man with a head full of beautiful music and melody. And, guitarist Alex Gordon-Firing should have been a child of the 60's and 70's.  When he's not wailing solos and hammering out blues riffs you'll find him spending every penny of his hard earned money on the latest vinyl box set.

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