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Damn The Maps

Reservoir, Victoria, Australia | INDIE

Reservoir, Victoria, Australia | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


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"Beat Magazine Review"

Album opener We Thought We'd Seen It All sets a blistering pace from the get-go; it's all At The Drive In-style, 'kamikaze' riffage, snarly rock vocals, and a tight bottom-end. Cynicism toward the modern surveillance-age is evident throughout ("I can be on video no matter where I go/You got cameras, cameras"), before a frenetic guitar solo heralds a crushing climax to a rather rocking-rollercoaster of a first track.
All Aboard leaps from the speakers, with a blissful, sing-a-long vibe. This track has been garnering some radio play of late, too, and it's no surprise: it's a light, inoffensive head-bobbing feel-good melody, accompanied by some like-minded guitars, and it leaves you with a smile on your face. I wasn't too crash-hot on the Wheels On The Bus vocal breakdown during the bridge, but the closing chorus was strong enough to dust that memory from the mantle.
In total contradiction to the title, the albums' first ballad Happy Ending blends hauntingly melancholic strings, robust rhythm section and Martin Green's fragile, 'pleading' vocal, to deliver the stellar moment of the album.
It's a brooding, eerie-in-a-Radiohead-kinda-way moment (that's pretty eerie), and it's clenched at your collar until the very end.
Fans of fellow Aussie rockers Something For Kate or You Am I will definitely find something in Damn The Maps, as will Radiohead enthusiasts, and it's not that they sound like each other, but you could certainly see the bands rubbing shoulders.
Combining that 'feel' with the focused songwriting of the trio, and Input Output sets off a phonic-flare, announcing to the Australian rock music scene that Damn The Maps have arrived.

Esteban Crooke - Beat Magazine 6 August 2008
- Furst Media Pty Ltd

"Toxic Pete Review"


'Input Output' is the debut album release from Australian melodic indie rocksters Damn The Maps; a real polished and ballsy work that properly pushes indie into rock territory and brings rewards for its individualistic approach and sound. Massively enjoyable and, for me, right on the money, 'Input Output' is pretty much an unbeatable work and its certainly very unputdownable! And, 'Input Output' by Damn The Maps will have global appeal; this album would work anywhere in the world and grace anybody's collection. As good as it gets, 'Input Output' is a distinctive and inspired work by a band that seem to have everything ready and waiting for a move on up into the higher echelons of the music business - fantastic stuff!!
Damn The Maps' 'Input Output' rings the indie rock changes with kerranging guitar chords, blinding riffs and gritty fills striding out atop of some great work by the rhythm section that sets the pace with atomic-clock precision as bass and drums punctuate as they drive. Stunning vocal work is the sensationally sweet icing on the already sumptuous cake here; descriptive and emotionally charged voices croon, cry and growl out the excellent lyrics. Musicianship apart, Damn The Maps wouldn't work without great songs and here they show, and leave no doubt whatsoever, that they can indeed pen outrageously exciting songs that compete easily with the best there's been - the whole thing coming together beautifully and setting a high standard for their contemporaries to match. Damn The Maps are probably one of the best and most rockingly astute outfits I've heard coming out from 'down under' for donkey's trousers!
'Input Output' also benefits from the degree of variation it contains; 'light and shade' only goes part-way to describing Damn The Maps continually flowing style - like a deep, dark river that, when you're navigating it, is in a constant state of change - fast and flowing one minute, slowly ebbing the next, frequently broiling into whirlpool or eddy, big, adrenalin pumping rushes of 'white water' frequently followed by calming pools of serenity and respite. Damn The Maps certainly know how to compose exciting and interesting music and their delivery of that music is nothing short of brilliant.
To pull out individual tracks for discussion or comment would be not only difficult but pretty futile; 'Input Output' is rammed with great songs (fourteen actually!), each has, quite obviously, been given great consideration and commitment during its gestation and recording phases. And, that well considered crafting, layering, mixing and mastering has resulted in a fine example of modern indie rock music to challenge anything currently out there! 'Input Output' by Damn The Maps' is pretty damn stunning! 'Input Output' is the real mutt's nuts of modern indie rock music - superbly conceived, wonderfully crafted and stunningly executed - certainly better by far than most and definitely as good as the 'big boys'!
'Input Output' by Damn The Maps is a massively competent debut album - it doesn't sound or feel like a first offering and its scary to wonder how Damn The Maps will manage to follow this quite brilliant album! I love what Damn The Maps are doing, I love their organically grown music, I love their ability to capture and hold the attention and I simply love 'Input Output' to bits!!
Peter J Brown a.k.a toxic Pete (www.toxicpete.co.uk) - www.ToxicPete .co.uk


Input Output (2008) Full Album



The name Damn the Maps represents simply going in your own direction as opposed to following the directions and pre-planned destinies of others. It’s about believing in yourself more than anything or anyone else.
This powerhouse three piece write their music about desperation, frustration, confusion, love, loss and the sheer bewilderment of existing in day to day modern life. Their success comes from their Shakespearian ability to identify with the common man, their quick witted lyrics, powerful commercial sound and strong sense of dynamics.
The band have a wide range of musical influences from 60’s pop, 70’s Rock, 90’s Alternative to modern indie artists. They have been compared to Tool, Weezer, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Incubus and The Deftones with the common description that they have something very original that you simply ‘can’t put your finger on.’

Originally from Hamilton, New Zealand, Singer/songwriter Martin Green formed a band under the name ‘Nervous Wreck’ whilst at University. They quickly made a name for themselves in Hamilton with frequent appearances at JBC, The Meteor and The Hillcrest Tavern. They landed supports for Head Like a Hole, Tadpole, Stellar and The Datsuns to name a few. Their EP ‘From out of nowhere’ achieved moderate success on Hamilton’s U fm.
When their Drummer left Nervous Wreck to pursue a higher education, Martin and guitarist Ryan Tattersall moved to Auckland to find a drummer and play to bigger and better venues to larger audiences. They quickly secured Matt Reid on drums and began with a residency at The Temple, frequent shows at The Kings Arms and a TV appearance on Good Morning NZ. Unfortunately, Guitarist, Ryan moved to London to become a chef so Martin and Matt seized an opportunity to move the band to Melbourne.

Martin and Matt set up in Melbourne in 2003, recruited Nick Childs on guitar for a year but unfortunately due to musical differences, went their separate ways. Martin tried two other complete line-up changes and auditioned many musicians over 18 months until finally, via Melbourne’s music site Melband, he met Nick Riley (Guitar) and Mark Coats (Drums). They quickly hit it off and within a few months began playing shows again. Within a year they had independently released an EP ‘All Aboard’ which immediately received Triple J airplay. They landed supports for Evermore’s regional tour in 2006 and their second EP ‘Log Off’ received airplay as well across Triple J, Triple R, PBS and several New Zealand Stations.

Nervous Wreck signed with independent label Vent Entertainment in 2007. At this time they were contacted by another Nervous Wreck from the United States who had recently registered the Nervous Wreck US trade mark. Thus with the upcoming release of their debut album, Nervous Wreck changed their name to Damn The Maps, as it seemed applicable with the journey they had taken so far, their strong belief in their ability and the independent road they decided to follow. They released their debut album ‘Input Output’ via Vent in May 2008 which is now available physically throughout Australia and digitally worldwide (itunes etc).
They have released 3 singles and 4 music videos (‘All Aboard’, ‘The way it was’, ‘Stare at the screen’ & ‘Behave’) All have received considerable airplay on Australia’s ‘Rage’ on ABC, Channel 31 and C4 in New Zealand. ‘The way it was’ video was selected for the IndyTV video show in the US, Musicmix USA video show across 26 US Networks, Metro Underground in LA across 2200 TV screens on their public transport network, Skopemag USA and MYBAND Las Vegas.
Damn the Maps toured Australia and New Zealand extensively throughout November 2008 – February 2009 including supports for Epicure in Tasmania and Sons Of Rico in Perth. They play Scorcherfest Adelaide in October 2010. Damn the Maps plan to start recording their second album early 2011.