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"(Damn) This Desert Air AP review"

THE STORY SO FAR: With a collective resume that includes work experience in NORA, Instruction, Elemae and Ex Number Five among others, the five members of New Jersey-centralized progressive, post-hardcore unit (Damn) This Desert Air pooled their resources in late 2006. "We'd played many stages together in our previous bands for more than 10 years now," says frontman Craig Cirinelli. "Our initial idea was to build a band we could maintain focus and control with."
WHY YOU SHOULD KNOW 'EM: With their feet planted in mid-'90s post-hardcore like Quicksand and Far and their heads in atmospheric instrumentalism like Oceansize and Hum, (D)TDA have cultivated a dedicated following in the U.K. and secured a spot on the upcoming Failure tribute album The Nurse Who Loved Me. "We're big on moody, depthful melodies and varying dynamics," says Cirinelli. "A single decaying note is just as important as a full blast of sound." - Alternative Press

"(Damn) This Desert Air EP 1"

Ah, that's better. After sifting through a seemingly never ending pile of identikit emo records and by-the-book metalcore releases, it's always great to presented with something so gloriously different sounding. But perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised about (Damn) This Desert Air's quality given the fact that they contain ex-members of such esteemed acts as Nora and Instruction. Dealing in hulking, stadium straddling slabs of alt-rock, the five-piece's debut EP harks back to the good old days when the likes of Quicksand and Far ruled the roost. Although the impressive 'Halo Around The Moon' opens matters in consummate style, the EP's standout moment 'Calling Orion' ups the ante soon afterwards with vocalist Craig Cirinelli's melodic croon battling valiantly for the listeners attention against track's hypnotic guitar hooks.

Having already wrapped up another EP since this release, the New Yorkers sure aren't resting on their laurels. With such a hungry work ethic and this EP's top-draw quality, all signs point to (Damn) This Desert Air making a real name for themselves in 2008. - www.rockmidgets.com

"Damn This Desert Air Is So Far From Dry!"

It seems that New Jersey's (Damn) This Desert Air's name has been floating around for quite some time. And really it's no wonder why, for two reasons. One they have an impressive pedigree, sporting former members of Instruction, Nora, Elemae, Merciana, Ex Number Five, and Calm.Murder. The second, and more important reason why is they are flat out amazing. Multiple listens to their debut offering, EP 1, have completely consumed me.

Being a teenager in the 90's, with all my musical formative years coming around 92-96, it's no shock why (D)TDA endears themselves to me immediately. They are a perfect blend of two of my all time favorite bands in Failure and Quicksand. "Halo Around the Moon" opens with a fantasticly spacey riff, so reminiscent of Ken Andrews' staple tone, shortly before Craig Cirinelli's sharp and nasal howl (so eeriely similar to Quicksand's Walter Schreifels at times) burst upon the track. While the EP is only 4 tracks and roughly 18 minutes long, it feels so familiar all the while being so fresh and addictive.

I feel a full length from (D)TDA could really push them over the edge because they are just brimming with potential. As a person who bows to Oceansize and Hum also, this is band that fits perfectly beside them. I look forward to mentioning (Damn) This Desert Air along with my other favorite bands once they continue to record and release music. As a side note, they were also chosen to contribute to the upcoming Failure Tribute album: The Nurse Who Loved Me, with the track "Sargeant Politeness," due out in September through Pop Up Records. - Rabbit Hole Music

"EP 1 by (Damn) This Desert Air"

(Damn) This Desert Air is flat-out a band that needs to be on everyone’s musical radar, immediately. They are good. Their debut EP 1 is good. You would have to figure they were going to be good since they were spawned from the ashes of bands like Instruction, NORA and Ex-Number Five, Elemae, Merciana and Calm.Murder. So yeah, there is some talent there.

The rock aesthetic of the EP is powerful and commanding, and the Dredg-like atmospherics shine throughout the effort. The EP is defined by big guitars and bountiful and apparently endless grooves. The vocals are themselves a story, as not only do they present different looks and feels to EP 1, but they also provide some thought-inducing lyrics. (Damn) This Desert Air didn’t seem to leave any stone unturned while recording, and the sound is almost pristine. The sound is intricate and nothing is missed or left out.

Their spacey, Midwest-infused indie rock sound is something special. EP 1 starts off with a solid moody track in "Calling Orion," then quickly harkens back to a mid-‘90s vibe with "This Landslide." EP 1 seems almost timeless. Some of it sounds like something you almost hear in the turn-of-the-century nu-metal phase ("Halo Around the Moon"), while some it comes off as a touch more modern ("Nightingale").

At a mere four tracks long, EP 1 definitely leaves you wanting more. - www.innocentwords.com

"101 Bands that will own 2008"

ROCK SOUND magazine as one of the “101 Bands That Will Own 2008” featured in Issue #104

- Rocksound Magazine

"(Damn) This Desert Air"

“Perhaps this is what 90’s alternative rock would have sounded like had it not been tailor-made for radio play—all the elements are there in the music of (D)TDA for mainstream acceptance, but the music is a bit more adventurous, technical and harder than the standard fare.” -Verbicide Magazine #22 - Verbicide Magazine


EP 1 (2007)
1. Halo Around The Moon
2. Calling Orion
3. This Landslide
4. Nightingale

Failure Tribute:
The Nurse Who Loved Me (2008)
Pop Up Records(USA)
(Damn) This Desert Air -
Sergeant Politeness

Vinyl Split 7-inch (2008)
Koi Records (USA)/
Different Kitchen Records(UK)
Telescreen -
The Solar Sea (Asteroid Remix)
(Damn) This Desert Air -
Calling Orion

Distance Waits EP (2010)
Pop Up Records (USA); Bastardized Recordings (GER)
Tentative Tracklist:
1. Ghost I Own
2. Trembles
3. Before Sunrise
4. Your Atlantis
5. Ghost I Own (Remix)

+ Digital Download Compilations on No Sleep Records - New Noise Heavy featured "Nightingale"

+ Exploding In Sound Bands You Need To Know 2009 featured "Halo Around The Moon"

+ Verbicide Magazine's New Sounds Inserted Sampler featured "Calling Orion" which was distributed primarily at New England area's Newbury Comics Record Stores. 2000+ copies.



(Damn) This Desert Air create big, booming, melodic rock wide in its breadth, sound and scope. Injected with heavy space riffs [think Oceansize, Cave In, Hum] with a foundation of post-hardcore [think Far, Quicksand], (Damn) This Desert Air are finding an audience who not only desire a thick, full blast of sound, but also attention to dynamic detail in their music. Creating memorable songs that also have a few left turns are what make (D)TDA’s debut EP 1 stand firmly on it’s feet.