Damn Vandals

Damn Vandals


Damn Vandals are NOT a joke band – contrary to tabloid insinuations. Having repaid their debt to society, this young group of men have formed themselves into a punctual massively entertaining rock band that needs little encouragement to perform the hell out of any given stage.


These four graffiti artists have traded in their ASBOs for rock 'n' roll.

The band met on an internet graffiti forum and together decided to paint "Destroy Mondays" eight foot high on the side of a commuter train parked up near Catford.

It was 2007.

Rumbled by a police sting operation they got 500 hours community service. Their punishment was to re-decorate the local youth club.
After hours one night they stumbled on a room containing guitars and a drum kit.

The rest is soon to be history.