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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Gobs of distortion, for sure..."

Gobs of distortion, for sure... DAMNWEEVIL damn well know how to keep things interesting ..., this is far better than most doom I have heard.

Death Metal Dougman - PeaceDogman.com

"Savage, malicious metal"

Drawing grit and tenacity from The Melvins, Black Sabbath and High on Fire, Damnweevil's gristly, sinewy brew of slugde metal indulges itself in grating, brash guitar work, raw, derelict vocals and an overall quality of savage, malicious metal. Unrestrained and wildly headstrong, the Human Auditory Torture Experiment is a well-titled disc, leaving little to the imagination and exhausting the genre's palette of its inherent, guttural power. Leaving nothing standing in its path, this is a group to keep an eye on.

Reviewer: Tamara Turner - CD Baby


Damnweevil-Human Auditory Torture Experiment CD

Damnyoureheavy...hahaha...yes these guys from Oakland laying down some serious Sludge...raw and filthy how it should be. I read some reviews about these four guys and most of them were positive...some of them said they´re Stoner...some said that Damnweevil is Doom...well, I say it´s Sludge in the vein of Weedeater, early BeatenBackToPure and Budjunkies with a pretty cool whiskeysoaked vocals. I really dig the fat and really slow riffing on this CD...this stuff tortures your speakers to the max and after a while you will find yourself headbangin´...no wonder...cause this is damnevilmusic....if you like Sludge...Damnweevil should be your next buy...highly recommended and damniamthursty now.


"Sleazegrinder.com review of H.A.T.E."

A big, nasty heap of blackened puke-doom from these Oakland based bruisers. Damnweevil consists of ex Secret Order of Tusk, Greenhouse Effect, and Gammera dudes, which would lead you to believe this is gonna be some kinda easy, breezy stoner rock trip with groove-y guitars and all that bullshit, but forget it, Jack, this is a full-on tree rape, a guttural howl of death from the bottom of a muddy pit, a stab into the darkest heart of apocalyptic, sub-Sabbath sludge. I couldn’t really tell the difference between headache-makers like “Hippy Fucking Christ” and “Salt on Wound” on first pass, and to be honest, I don’t even wanna go back there to find out. It’s scary back there. Pretty merciless stuff, well-suited for the battered, bloody rebel ears of the stoner crust crowd. Civilians, on the other hand, will most likely want to run for ze hills.

http://www.sleazegrinder.com/review_5-21Damnweevil.htm - Sleazegrinder

"forcing me to face my ugly, darker side"

What the hell IS a Damnweevil anyway? I’ve heard of boll weevils, and I think I saw a sneaky weevil once, but . . . well, whatever. What I do know is that Damnweevil are right on the money with the title of their debut album, with the sounds contained within guaranteed to test the aural threshold of many a human listener (animals, I assume, will be unaffected).

Take a little bit of Clutch for musical sake and mix in a whole lot of Eyehategod and Iron Monkey mindfuckdom, and you’ll be at least prepared to begin to listen to Damnweevil. I would advise, though, to not listen to this during your daily commute, for fear that in a fit of road rage, it will tap right into your most primitive basic instincts and cause to you unleash the fury upon those pesky motorists. How appropriate, then, that tracks include “Towards Madness� and “Infer Hate�. It’s best to limit your listening to environments where it’s okay to smash a wall — or a face. Hey, I think I’ve finally got it — it’s like, “Damn you, Weevil, for forcing me to face my ugly, darker side— and give myself unto it!�

- Dave Pirtle - Zero Magizine


Human Auditory Torture Experiment - 2006

Sound track for the motion picture "This Hollow Sacrament" (originally titled "Threading Over DarK") Due in theaters early 2007.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Damnweevil play a stripped down, ear splitting, rearrange-your-brain cells brand of heavy, doom-sludge.
Their music is obscene sonic indulgence; a vicious distillation of their classic metal influences delivered
with reverence, intensity and reckless abandon.
The group was formed in Oakland, California by guitarist Eric Demby (ex-Gammera) and drummer extraordinaire Ben James in 2004. The gargantuan bass of James Heaphy and the explosive guitar work of Jason James
(Secret Order of Tusk, ex-Greenhouse Effect) round out their monstrous sound.
Damnweevil are currently supporting their new album “Human Auditory Torture Experiment”
Recorded at Ear Hammer Studios by Salvador Raya (Asunder, Kalas) & Greg Wilkinson(Laudanum, IWKYF).