the Woodpeckers

the Woodpeckers


Five guys that play instrumental surf/ska/twang. We bring the party with us. And we call or fans Peckerheads but don't tell them that.


Surf! Ska! Spaghetti Western! Tex-Mex! We play it all! In addition to the usual guitar, bass drums we also have an organ and a horn section for a face-melting wall of sound. Yes, mixing surf, ska and spaghetti western twang sounds like a recipe for disaster (we admit that sometimes it is) but we honestly really like these different genres and people seem to like that we can mix it up. We also like to come up with stupid song names that evoke the mood or theme of the song. Give a listen to "Jump the Shark" and you'll see what we mean.


Jump the Shark

Written By: the Woodpeckers

Ain't no damn lyrics.


We have not yet released any material. But if you really want to hear what we are trying to pull off we have some rough basement recordings somewhere here. We have been hammering away at these and a bunch more originals and we are committed to do some recording in the next month. We WILL have a cd out for summer!