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"Damnzal Rock Hard"

Damnzal, Melbourne’s favourite heavy rockers, have signed to DEAD Famous Records. Damnzal’s self titled album will be repackaged with new artwork, and a few surprises, and will be released by Blastzone/Nightmare in the US and Fontanna/Universal in Canada. The band are currently working on songs for a new album which will be recorded in June/July 2007 for release in November. A major US tour is planned for the fall of 2008, with artists including Dark Shift (Florida), The Vintage Burning (Wisconsin) and Drench (Chicago).

The members of Damnzal have been playing in different bands for over ten years. You may have seen them as Velvet Hammer, Ruby Doomsday, Spine of God, or Cyclone Tracy. If not, see them in their latest incarnation before they disappear overseas. This heavy hitting, powerhouse quartet is made up of three talented, sexy and dangerous females and a male drummer charged with power and style. Together they create an uncompromising, sledgehammer sound.

Check out the wild video of their interpretation of The Runaways classic, Cherry Bomb, on their My Space site or YouTube. Check out MySpace or the band’s website for the latest information and gig guide uide.

- Faster Louder Magazine

"Damnzal by Toine Can Poorten"

DAMNZAL hails from ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Australia and was introduced to us by PEGAZUS frontman Johnny Stoj. It's a heavy rock band, consisting of Paula Condell on lead guitar (ex-VELVET HAMMER,) Tania Pennisi on vocals (ex-RUBY DOOMSDAY), Vanessa Payne on bass (ex-RUBY DOOMSDAY) and Scott Danson on drums (ex-CYCLONE TRACY). They present us their two track demo here, worthy of almost six minutes of good

solid rock. "Grrrlfriend" opens with a great rhythm guitar groove and repetative lyrics, making it easy to sing along to this song. "Like Me" is the second (and last) song on this demo, with another great (almost PANTERA like) groove. The whole sound is a bit more glam-ish though, but hey didn't PANTERA start as a glam rock band first, too? The girls are dressed up with

latex, make up, leather and ultra high heels. A good way to impress the reviewer, who gets his first punch in the face by the looks of this new band. When the sound is good too, such is the case with DAMNZAL, what else

can go wrong? Four blonde rock goddesses and a charmful drummer with devil horns on his head rock out on these two songs. They sound pretty evil to me.

I think, that this band has got a bright future ahead of them. In their live set, they even play their version of "Cherry Bomb" of THE RUNAWAYS. I hope to introduce them closer to you in one of our upcoming issues.

LINE UP: Tania Pennisi (lv), Paula Condell (lg), Vanessa Payne (b), Scott Danson (dr)

- Metal Maidens Review

"Damnzal Oz Rock"

Damnzal hails from Australia and possesses a sound usually reserved for American punk metal bands. Fronted by Tania Pennisi, Damnzal delivers the attitude immediately with the snarling "Superstar". Immediate comparisons can be drawn to the likes of L7, the Lunachicks and the Cycle Sluts From Hell. They follow up with a cover of the Runaways "Cherry Bomb" which is rather faithful to the original in its stripped down sound. "Come On" is a gang vocal raucous rocker that seems to cross Girlschool and Slade with a hint of Joan Jett.

"I Feel Used" is the most laid back song on the disc. "Sin City" is not an AC/DC cover, rather an original once again more along the lines of L7. Closing track "Vibrator" sums up the album without much of a description.

If you link through Damnzal's web site, you can also find more tracks by the group. What they may lack in originality, they more than make up for in aggression and attitude. The CD is a rather fun listen and annoying enough to upset someone in the neighborhood.

Track Listing:
Cherry Bomb
Come On
I Feel Used
Sin City
Hey Way

http://www.damnzal.com - The Heavy Metal USA

"Metal Militia"

Four loud, wild, beautiful girls and one metal boy keeping the beat together bashing his drum kit, that's what DAMNZAL is all about in a nutshell. And if
the "Intro" will wake you up already, your eyes will definatly be opened by "Superstar". They continure with a good version of the RUNAWAYS cover "Cherry Bomb". No big surprise, when you know that one of the ladies in the
band is a huge RUNAWAYS fan. It's a tribute to this all female metal band."Come On" is another solid rock song, but with "I Feel Used" they take down speed a little. It's a heavy, ballad like song with lots of power. You can
almost feel the anger of the ladies, when you listen to the lyrics. In "Sin City" (which is not an AC/DC cover by the way, but a very good possibility because they're both from Down Under), the band throws in a more new fashioned sounding song. I hear distorted, angry vocals, and lots of heavy riffs. It's the way KITTIE would have played a song. However with "Hey Way" they return back to their more traditional approach. And I think you can guess already that CD closer "Vibrator" is not about superstars, sin cities or cherry bombs. It's more and ode to the biggest friend of every lady, the electric milkman, the low voltage batteried postman, if you know what I mean. The lyrics of the song say that the ladies like their pink vibrator better than a hot rod made of flesh and blood...Anyway, this reminded me of the following joke. A huge, fat lady wants to buy a vibrator. But she's far too embarassed to go to the sex shop in her hometown. So she replies to an ad in her newspaper. She phones this guy, and he tells her that he will make
an appointment with her. The only thing she has to do is to search for her favorite toy, pay and enjoy. They make an appointment, the man rings at her apartment, she comes out of her house and looks into the trunk of the man's
car, where hundreds of different vibrators are stalled out. She makes her difficult choice, after all she needs quite a huge one. But when she points at the beautiful shining, red vibrator of her choice, the salesman replies
that she can buy every vibrator in his car, but that he doesn't want to sell his fire extinguisher.. Bomber! Anyway, if you want to get rocked, better listen to this great debut album of DAMNZAL. The band consists of Tania
Pennisi on lead vocals (ex RUBY DOOMSDAY), Paula Condell on lead guitar (ex VELVET HAMMER), and Vanessa Payne on bass guitar (ex RUBY DOOMDSDAY) and Scott Danson on drums (ex CYCLONE TRACY). Let DAMNZAL rock your world today, and visit http://www.damnzal.com.

- Metal Maidens Album Review


Damnzal - Self Titled
DEAD Famous Records / Koch International Distribution - Release date: 10/10/07

Damnzal - Self Titled
DEAD Famous Records / C4 / Koch Canada
Release Date: 10/02/08

Label & Management
DEAD Famous Artists
Michael A Puskas
(t) +61 3 9849 1484
(f) +61 3 9878 6277
(e) puskas@astralrecordsandmusic.com

Band Website: http://www.damnzal.com
My Space: http://www.myspace.com/damnzal
Label Website: http://www.deadfamousartists.com/damnzal



Damnzal prides itself in being a band of three hard playing grrls and one very loud guy, spewing forth a heavy mash of new edge punk/metal tunes that fans of contemporary heavy music would enjoy.

The band members came together in early 2003 and consists of Tania Pennisi on lead vocals (ex Ruby Doomsday), Paula Condell on lead guitar (ex Velvet Hammer, Spine Of God), Vanessa Payne on bass guitar (ex Ruby Doomsday) and Scott Danson on drums (ex Cyclone Tracy). Each band member has a history within the Australian music industry and each have been actively involved in the scene for several years whether it be in previous musical projects, bands, releasing vinyl/CDs/DVD's, video production, touring, merchandising etc. Previous projects of the band members achieved significant success in their own right.

The ferocity in the Damnzal songs is confronting and at times quite brutal, yet the band appeals to fans of all musical genres because of the diversity in the quality of song-writing and innovation in the approach to writing heavier edged music. Yes, these girls and one guy can actually play their instruments and are competent musicians. Musically influences range from extreme to mellow...kind of!
All of the Damnzal songs have been written by Paula, yet the band members bring in their own influences, helping to distinguish the Damnzal philosophy and style. The influences range from extreme, hardcore and melodic types of metal as well as seventies style punk. So the deal is to provide a total experience: a band that is visually and musically confronting.. not for the faint hearted!
The self-titled debut CD which was release late 2004 has received excellent reviews in both Australian and international webzines and street press, and the prior demo songs have managed to chart successfully reaching the top 10 of the metal charts on the mp3 site. The CD is distributed nationally by MGM. It was recorded by friend Chris Gatz at GM Sound Studios on Pro Tools. Mastering courtesy of Crystal Mastering.
Damnzal have released a video clip for 'cherry bomb', one of the tracks from the self-titled debut CD. The video was shot by Peter Andrian (Unlimited Vision) who has done extensive work for many Australian artists, including 1200 techniques and DJ Peril. It has already been screened on most of your favourite music shows including Rage, Asylum, Channel V and MTV Aust. The response has been overwhelming!

In April 2007, Damnzal signed to Dead Famous (Astral) records worldwide, and will have their CD released in the US with Blastzone/Nightmare and Fontana/Universal in Canada.

In the short lifespan of the band, Damnzal has had the pleasure of playing with many bands of note: the highlight obviously being the Pungent Stench (Austria) support gig 2005, but also proud to have played with other local and interstate bands. Damnzal has been overwhelmed by the number of people who have voluntarily registered on their mailing list, as well as the number of positive anonymous comments made on the website guestbook: all this without self-gratuitous promotion. The band has also managed to create 'a bit of a stir' in the scene with the 'quiet' attention of various industry people including Alan Griffith (Union Entertainment USA: who manage Nickleback, Cinderella etc) and promoters who have greatly assisted with various promotional activities including promotion of the demo in the UK metalfests 2004, where Damnzal was the 'centre of attention' amongst all other submissions. Further to this Damnzal has been published in the esteemed European 'Metalmaidens' magazine, the Age Melbourne, street magazines and various local, interstate and international websites.

Visually Damnzal is heavily inspired by the glam days of the 70s when people were not afraid to perform, dress-up and explore the more visually artistic and exciting elements of the performance genre. A love of tattoos, make-up, and tall platforms are second nature for Damnzal. The band were previously the only unsigned band to have a sponsorship connection with Vision Streetwear ... the connection made purely in trust of the quality of the Damnzal experience! For much more check out the websites.