Damond Moodie

Damond Moodie


Damond Moodie calls his music alternative soul. A blend of poetic eloquence, set on a funky but spare acoustic guitar, wrapped in emotive intensity, and delivered by velvet thunder vocals. Comparisons have been made to Seal, Ben Harper, and early Lenny Kravitz.


Damond Moodie started singing in a band when he was almost finished with college. His parents were alarmed when he changed majors and began writing poetry. “My Pops didn’t think I would be employable,” the singer remarks, “but the band gave me an outlet for the new found creativity that I felt, and it actually motivated me to get my degree.”

Brought up on a steady diet of Motown Soul, Hard Rock, and 80’s pop music, this Cleveland, Ohio native decided to blend his velvet thunder vocals with the rootsy but spare sounds of the acoustic guitar. Only problem was he didn’t know how to play the guitar.

Determined to develop as a performing songwriter, the newly anointed musician cut a three song demo tape, and for months drove around half of the U.S. A picture of determination, this self-taught guitar player used open mics to hone his craft and sell his product.

Eventually Damond landed in Oakland, California and is currently preparing to release the follow-up to his debut record, Fishin’ for Words. With a welcome mix of sparse acoustic tracks and superbly arranged full band pieces, the new record Daydreamer is a full-blown look into this organic troubadour’s reality. Damond Moodie will be performing around the Bay Area both solo acoustic and with the band, a six-piece outfit that brings a funky swagger and mesmerizing expertise to the often introspective and modest nature of his songs.

Who does he sound like? Comparisons have been made to Seal, Ben Harper, early Lenny Kravitz and Tracy Chapman. He calls his music alternative soul and with poetic eloquence and emotive intensity, Damond Moodie attempts to uplift, commiserate, and serenade a damaged world.



Written By: Damond Moodie

Who’s going to light your dreams afire?
Better watch your step while you walk the high wire.

You've got no reason to fear the ledge.
Keep your back pressed against the wall,
Take a deep breath and soar above the sky.
Believe you've got a chance


You got a good mind to leave the fractured pavement behind.
Won't miss the crushed glass in the street
Or the random buckshot thunder
So sick of the urban wildlife sounds that stab into your dreams
What does it mean, when there's a knock at the front door?

Your dream signals urgency
And your eye sees the spark
Stumble as the sun goes down
Daydreamer – don’t let it bring you down

You've got no reason to fear the ledge.
Believe you've got a chance

Chorus x 2

Messed Up (Once Again)

Written By: Damond Moodie

I hold my head in my hands
Trying to hide from the thought
that I let you down
once again
You exemplify the word ‘kind’
But I take what you give
and act
As if I’m blind
Now as my tracks begin to show
my foot prints been getting’ a little too close
To the edge on the stairs to your charity
I wrestle with choices to keep my heart clean

I messed up once again, baby I’m sorry
I messed up once again, sugar I love you
I messed up once again, honey I’m only human
I messed up once again, oh Lord please forgive me

I ain’t talking about making my sins disappear
And I know a broken heart needs time to heal
I bought this trouble, I’m ready to own my share
I’m gonna climb on up and ask you to say a little prayer
For me, ‘cause


I ain’t talking ‘bout running around
Cause that’s a thing I could never do
Disrespect causes pain, no matter the source
The look on your face is the only clue
I need
To know that…

Chorus x 2

Stolen Community

Written By: Damond Moodie

You’ve got a choice – you could leave or stand your ground
Asphalt killed the grass and the mud was all they found
And they’re scraping their soles, ‘cause apathy is the stain on the rug

And you remember – trying to find a foothold in city life
Shed suburban skin; and avert your eyes to the knife fights
And they’re beating back your dreams, ‘cause they all remain smug
They’re squatting in your dream, ‘cause poverty is the hole you dug

Well you can take me back; take me back into your arms.
Or you can give me up; give me up. Sound the alarms
Where will I go so I finally feel free?
The poison is spreading, killing my community

The everyday drama – a black cavity that eats away at pleasantries
Threats and profanity, they permeate the air that we breathe
And they’re knocking down the targets that shine a little bit too bright
And they’ve made you a target; the bird of peace has flown tonight

Chorus x 2


Fishin' for Words (13 tracks) 2002
Daydreamer (13 tracks) 2006

Set List

Solo set list:
depends if the gig has a theme, my mood that day, any requests from the crowd, etc. I play sets mostly made up from my 35 original song repertoire. I can play from 20 minutes or 3 hours.

Solo covers would include:
"Summertime" (Gershwin), "California" (Joni Mitchell), "Ain't No Sunshine" (Bill Withers), "Karma Police" (Radiohead), "A Little Warm Death" (Cassandra Wilson), and/or "Waltzing with Bears" (Dr. Suess).

With the band (approx. 60 - 90 minutes):
1. When I Die
2. Cash World
3. Blessed
4. Now
5. Eden
6. Legacy
7. Messed Up
8. Stolen Community
9. The Blues
10. Fishin'

Covers w/the band:
"Waiting in Vain" (Bob Marley)
"Wind Cries Mary" as a duo (Jimi Hendrix)