Damon K. Clark

Damon K. Clark

 Dallas, Texas, USA


Damon has been a professional vocalist for over 20 years. He began his career as an opera singer and later ventured into folk, rock, neo-soul, and jazz. Damon has shared the stage with Grammy winners like Paula Cole and Andrea Wallace. Damon and his quartet has been praised by numerous publications for his dynamic vocal ability. 

First time listeners of Damon K. Clark will wonder: 'Where the hell have you been all my life?' The Dallas singer's virtuoso versatility is phenomenal. Puccini to Monk with the greatest of ease? Absolutely, and with a depth of musicality and artistry that makes every performance a revelation. - Modern Luxury

Damon K. Clark is a jaw-dropping talent, a gifted vocalist whose talents are near-unmatched locally. Jazz is his chosen realm and it's easy to understand why: Performing live before bare-bones jazz set-ups, his absurd range is given the front-and-center showcase it so ridiculously deserves. - Dallas Observer 

You must hear jazz vocalist Damon K. Clark. He's simply the most gifted male vocalist in DFW. Incredible. - D Magazine 


Wait on Me

Written By: Jonathan Leger,Damon K. Clark

Carry me away she said
I’m tire of this dusty town
All the drunks and the losers
Ain’t bringing me nothing but down

But they say
Baby it don’t matter where you are
Me and this Cutlass can’t make it very far

Wait on me baby
We’ll make it out someday
When we’ve got some money
I’ll take you far away

Verse 2
Carry me away she said
Just like you said you would
Your pipe dreams and your promises
Ain’t bringing me nothing that’s good

And I said
Baby haven’t I been good to you
All I got are dreams
Baby what can I do

Just wait on me baby
We’ll make it out someday
When we’ve got some money
I’ll take you far away

I Breathe Again

Written By: Jonathan Leger,Damon K. Clark

Every time I see you
I breathe again
Moments pass so slowly
Just tell me when...

You’ll be at my door
Your tearful smile
Over steaming coffee
We’ll talk a while

And then she said,
"Let’s not drudge up the past
For now let it last
A while"

"Chances are you and I
Won’t have it quite so good
Next time"

*Verse II*
The train is leaving
And I start to cry
She’s waiving slowly and I
Wonder why

Should we make a go of life
Beneath our wounded souls our
Troubles lie