Damon Omen

Damon Omen

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The beginning of a really good song. Snare poppin R&B joints for the ladys and always a tap that will keep the head nodding of any Hip Hop head.


Billed as 'The Architect,' DAMON OMEN is the fresh new sound of Hip Hop. As it is the worlds notion that New York is one of the hottest spots for new music; as well as the home for some of the greatest entertainers, then you will not be surprised by the sounds of Hip Hop producer, DAMON OMEN who has been banging Upstate New York with a knock that has driven the underground sound to new standards. The Kingston, New York native first began as a rapper two decades ago while building his recording studio and honing in on a new sound. As a student of Ulster County Community College, DAMON OMEN hosted and DJ'd a half hour radio spot at WRSR called "16 Bars" designed to give way for new artists and independent labels to be heard. Now DAMON OMEN can be found hitting both college and club DJ's with his own up and coming artist from the Northeast area. With a loyal fan base comprised mostly of college/university students and the streets of the New York Tri-State area, DAMON OMEN maintains a universal appeal that attracts music listeners from all backgrounds. It is this appeal that continues to sell mixtapes and please the crowd. DAMON OMEN is very active with his fans. His official website is currently under construction and should be available this fall. Equally impressive is his versatility to lay sample-free joints as well as an always classic sampled single. The millennium has turned its head to and for the futures hottest joints ... 'The Architect' DAMON OMEN will be the man to check. DAMON OMEN is currently Executive Producing 'Team Skullyz...the mixtape' to introduce his artist 'Team Skullyz' for his Independent Label PLA~TYME Entertainment. This newly released vibe is sure to heat up homes, car stereos, clubs and radios throughout the Northeast region. The MPC Technician definitely deserves the title 'The Architect.'  

Set List

All songs are originals. A couple are done over industry beats but are far from the original. A typical set would have the hype man and DJ on the stage prepping the crowd for what is sure to be a great show. A set could run anywhere 20 minutes to an hour.