Damon Stout

Damon Stout


"THE DIVINERS" Rock/Pop genre with strong bass lines, catchy guitar hooks and memorable vocal melodies. The material is influenced by, in part; Coldplay, U2, The Killers, Duran, Franz Ferdinand, Matthew Good, The Corrs, Oasis, and The Police.


Berklee College of Music alum Damon Stout, and performing veteran Dave Holcomb has been active in the LA music industry for a number of years. Garnering two local Emmy’s, Damon has written and produced for feature films, television and commercials. The two have performed with a variety of local groups and traveled abroad touring as well. Teaming up with percussion virtuoso Stuart McIlhenny, The trio is currently working on their first studio album and tour, more info to come.


Lovin' Gurl

Written By: Damon Stout

She’s driving fast on the 405
And flying in on a summer’s breeze
Her hair is dancing she feels so alive
And making everyone so at ease
Shifting her gears along with her mind
The fanciful highway she’s weaving through
Leaving me now ever far behind
I’m standing still I don’t have a clue

I know that you really care for me
Won’t you be my lovin’ gurl?
Waiting for you can only mean
That you are my lovin’ gurl
Following far behind you’ll see
‘Cause you are my lovin’ gurl
Baby, I know you will finally be
My only lovin’ gurl

Her lipstick matches her cell phone and car
It’s funny I’ve never noticed before
She likes to meet them alone in a bar
She’s dressed to please and ready for more
Dropping in on a moments notice
The smoky darkness and cheers aloud
It took a moment for my eyes to focus
She’s dancing now for a major crowd

Fortune smiles I last remember
When you phoned I wasn’t alone
Okay maybe now you’ll remember
A little movie we made at home

I know that you really care for me
Won’t you be my lovin’ gurl?
Baby, I know you will finally be
My only lovin’ gurl

How High Is Up

Written By: Damon Stout

You’re guaranteed the lifestyle
And need to live it meanwhile
So saturate your senses
And don’t forget to pose for the lenses
Bad credit no credit, Se habla Espanol
Monster house, monster truck
You don’t need to give a fuck
Just gimme it now, just gimme it now
Just give it to me now

Prioritize your desperate eyes
Lukewarm lessons we idolize
How high is up

It’s a bankrupt wasteland
A dot com time killer
Don’t worry it’s okay
To learn and love the filler
Customize a special rant
And theorize the things you can’t
And nothing matters off the tube
You should’ve quit and left your cube
Time to hang your head in shame
‘Cause you are the one to blame
Hold the morals hold the relish
God forbid you all upset us.

Prioritize your desperate eyes
Lukewarm lessons we idolize
How high is up

Coming Home

Written By: Damon Stout

You’re packing up my suitcase
‘cause I’m leaving here today
And I feel like I left already
and things are not okay
The morning flight will take me
to where all the others have gone
So don’t wave to me, don’t look for me
You know I could be wrong

I wonder, I wonder
Is what your silence says
So stay out, stay out
But it’s time for me to go

Green grass I’m coming home
I don’t know if I’ll see another day
Green grass I’m coming home
Feel my heart six thousand miles away

Another day changes
into the one I lived before
All the people that are dying here
are still attached to war
Oceans of sand and wind
can’t sail me back to you
Where does it start where does it end
Shouldn’t be a point of view

I'll Know You Then

Written By: Damon Stout

Only for today my dear
Then it can be all forgotten
Turn and hide or face the fear
I’ll know you then, I’ll know you then
There’s something caught between us here
And it cannot be remembered
Tell us now and fate appears
I’ll know you then, I’ll know you then

It’s like turning the ocean tide away, far away
No one facing the morning light today
Evening stretches across the empty sky, it can only try
No one facing the moonlight here today

Only for a minute my love
Then we’ll all but be forgotten
Memories blend the silence above
I’ll know you then, I’ll know you then
There’s something lost between us I fear
Simply gone or made to fade away
Our blue skies are not always clear
I’ll know you then, I’ll know you then.

Only if tomorrow begins
Say goodbye to forever
The right can’t always win
I’ll know you then, I’ll know you then

Sell Your Childhood

Written By: Damon Stout

Hold down the fort again
Just one more time, I swear
This time will be the last
I swear it
Hang on to my hands
Tightly hang on
I swear I won’t let go
I won’t let go

Never mind
Never mind what you’ve been told
‘Cause this wont be the last time
To remember, that
You can’t hide another day
You don’t need to run away

Slow down and try again
Don’t be surprised, I know
It’s longer than you thought
I know it
Hang on to my hands
Tightly hang on
I swear I can’t let go
I can’t let go

State Of Mind

Written By: Damon Stout

It’s such an awkward moment
Of unconditional regret
Look to see who’s noticed
You’re alone, they condone
Is it daylight outside
It’s not a symptom of digress
You address, all the rest
But they’ve left you outside

So you’re floating away this time
You have yours and I have mine

It’s a strange situation for a
Simple kind of state of mind
No manipulation, can you
Tell me it’s a waste of time

You’re eternal feelings
Leave you cold inside
By yourself you feel like
You condone, your alone
Though it’s lovely outside
Not an obvious throughway
Or a typical numb
There’s no trace of fortune
So you sit, take a hit
It’s still raining outside

Don’t ever give up


S i n g l e s :
Lovin’ Gurl
How High Is Up
Coming Home
I’ll Know You Then
State Of Mind

E P :
How High Is Up
Coming Home
State Of Mind
Sell Your Childhood
Just Us

Set List

80-90 min. set:
1. Lovin’ Gurl
2. I’ll Know You Then
3. How High Is Up
4. Tomorrow
5. Next To You
6. Save Me
7. Are You Lonely
8. Long Way Home
9. She Goes Under
10. Thirty-four
11. Liquid Eyes
12. Another May
13. Untied
14. When The Lights Go Down
15. Coming Home
16. State Of Mind
17. Sell Your Childhood
18. Just Us
19. Wake Up