Dana and Susan Robinson

Dana and Susan Robinson


Singer-songwriters with a powerful oldtime banjo & guitar driven groove. Blend together harmony singing, hot fiddle tunes, and contemporary songwriting with a rural and traditional feel and you have Dana & Susan Robinson.


Dana Robinson was born and raised on the West Coast (Oregon & California) and came into New England’s coffeehouse scene the mid 80’s. His musical direction took a turn to the traditional in the early 90’s with the discovery southern mountain music, and bands such as the Horseflies, Donna The Buffalo, and Tim O'Brien. Now, teamed up with Susan, they present the best of both worlds: Songs that portray a deep affection for the landscape - vignettes of rural America - that are backed up by a rhythmic guitar and banjo driven sound, fiddle tunes and harmonies.


Big Mystery 2009 Dana & Susan Robinson duo
'Round My Door 2008 Dana & Susan duo
Native Soil - 2004 Dana & Susan duo
Avenue of the Saints - 2002 solo
The Trade - 2000 solo
Paired Down Vol 2. 1999 duo w/Lui Collins
Paired Down Vol. 1. 1998 duo w/Lui Collins
Midnight Salvage - 1997
Elemental Lullabye - 1994

Set List

Sets run typically from 40 - 50 min.
Repertoire is a mix of originals and traditionals with a few lesser known covers mixed in with descriptive stories prefacing many of the songs.
For example:
Pat Do This (trad.)
Boys Of The Tracks
My Peach Pie
`Round My Door
Glory In The Meeting House
Spokane / Elzic's Farewell / Bear Left
East Virginia Blues (trad.)
Lost Girl (trad)
Say Darlin' Say (trad)
The Cuckoo (trad.)
What Would Woody Do? (orig.)
Susquehanna / Casper & Dots
Lazy John
Shady Grove
Raspberry Cane
Everett Ruess (orig.)
Pastures Of Plenty (Woody Guthrie)