Dana and Susan Robinson

Dana and Susan Robinson


Dana and Susan Robinson explore and illuminate rural America with an elegant simplicity, bringing roots and tradition to contemporary songwriting. Their rich, intimate harmonies are supported by Dana's riveting fiddle and guitar playing and Susan's haunting mountain banjo sound.


Dana and Susan Robinson are based in Asheville, North Carolina. Dana was raised in California, then moved to the Northeast; Susan was raised in the Northeast, then moved to California. They spent most of their lives crisscrossing paths until on Saint Patrick's Day, 2002, Susan attended a house concert Dana was giving in California.

In the early 80's, Dana settled in northern Vermont and built a house - sans electricity and phone - on 30 acres near the Canadian border. There he founded a popular bakery and café where the folk concerts he presented became a valued cultural staple of the community. Dana launched into full-time touring after the release of his debut album Elemental Lullabye in 1994, encouraged by the request to perform at Carnegie Hall for Putumayo's Shelter benefit concert. Since then, Dana has been performing more than 150 concerts each year across the US, Canada, and United Kingdom.

A multi-instrumentalist (guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo), Dana brings traditional music values into his contemporary songwriting. He integrates guitar styles from influences as diverse as America's Norman Blake and Tim O'Brien to England's Nick Jones and John Martyn. Dana's songwriting has been likened to that of Steve Goodman and Dougie MacLean, and he sings with a warm and reedy tenor.

Susan brings her rich harmonies and the clawhammer-style banjo into Dana's music. In 2002, Susan had been working as an environmental grantwriter in California and studying Scottish fiddle. A natural musician, having played piano and oboe in addition to the fiddle, Susan took instantly to the guitar and banjo when she and Dana met. Together they complete a circle that allows them to more fully explore their passion for merging traditional and contemporary music.


2008 'Round My Door
2004 Native Soil
2002 Avenue Of The Saints
2000 The Trade
1997 Midnight Salvage
1994 Elemental Lullabye

Set List

Our set lists are determined by the type of concert it is. For a singer-songwriter style concert we'll play all original material with a couple of fiddle tunes to spice things up. Whereas for an audience that is traditional music savvy we'll play a set based upon oldtimey Appalachian Mountain tunes and ballads.
We always love to mix it up.