Dana and the Polecats

Dana and the Polecats


Dana Jo Raincloud is a singer/songwriter acoustic gtr act. The same tunes with backing band is Dana and the Polecats- I write in the Roots/Americana style. Female singer/songwriter, bass, mando. Range from folk to rock to bluegrass http://www.myspace.com/raincloudmusic


Recent influences and inspirations:
Townes Van Zandt, Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, Randy Weeks, Eliza Gylkinson.


Santa Cruz

Written By: Dana Wood-Seifert

"Santa Cruz" by Dana Wood-Seifert
I woke up today 'rendered useles
went to bad last night struck dumb
i have given you my walking stick im standing on your shoulders
head in the sun eyes open I surrender

we walked by the rusty cars in the meadow
just like old loves we had gone cold
both our journals read torn and bended
now i'm givinit up to you
wild coast line and the ocean - your body feels like this to me
your body feels like that

i have danced again and i
feel much better
wasted words on things gone wrong
i have seen in your eyes theyre tender
and let you come inside
with me

i let you inside to me
i let you i let you in with me
ithe futures open wide to me
i let you let in i let in with me
let yin let you come inside with me
let you in, let you in

Etched in Stone

Written By: Dana Wood-Seifert

My face feels etched in stone
i cant look up i cant look-out
and memries stuck on freeze
cant say a word its just too much

blue like the blood inside my veins
safe inside
when it comes to words it turns to red turns to ruin..

catatonic days....theres something else
that holds me tight
and this learning curve is steep so steep
i cant wake-up tho i know i will

stuck in a childhood memory
in disrepair
there'll be a day i understand its just not yet

gtr solo

morning comes again
im up and out im back on foot
and the ocans calling me calling me
she'll take my mind and rest it there on sand

sounds of the water drinking earth and kissing sand
i shall no longer carry this
i will lay it donw

sounds of the water drinking earth and kissing sand
i shall no longer carry this
i will lay it down



Set List

1-2 sets /about 12-18 tunes. Have also done 3 hr gigs with 4 sets of 9 tunes. Can do what is required