dana edmonds

dana edmonds


Laid back grooves for chilled out souls.


Dana Edmonds, sultry songstress and talented musician, her collection of tracks from her debut album “Hybrid Being” define Alternative Groove. The lyric’s clean simplicity and depth, delivered with Edmonds creamy rich tone haunt you. One listen and you find the songs replay on an endless loop in your head. Just a hint of the broad consumer appeal that lays ahead.

Edmonds started her musical career as a singer/
songwriter/bass player in Montreal in 1995 as part of the power pop buzz band P.E.Z. formed along with ex-Me Mom and Morgentaler percussionist John Britton.

By 1998 she left P.E.Z. and Montreal to travel across the USA and Canada, living in Vancouver and finally settling in Toronto. There she opened her vision to the union of Pop and Electronica, i.e. Alternative Groove, clever tunes layered with insightful lyrics alongside hip hop grooves, melodic, ambient sounds and a dash of subtle hooks, aiming to offer laid-back grooves for chilled out souls in this fast paced world.

Dana showcased at Honey Jam and Brown Girls in Da Ring

as part of the 2K and 2K2 Urban Music Festival in Toronto to a glowing response. Along with performances at both the notable Canada Music Week and North by North East Festival 2002 and 2003.

Her talent catching the attention of seasoned producers Ron Lopata, Juno winner and Jacksoul keyboardist and James McCollum, co-creator of Prözzak/guitarist for the Philosopher Kings. As well as Terry Sawchuk (Alanis Morrisette and I Mother Earth) who engineered and mixed the album.

Dana’s independent full length album “Hybrid Being” is scheduled to be released summer 2004 on Hotcomb Music and is distributed nationally by ‘Nuff Entertainment. The album was produced by Ron Lopata except “We realize” produced by James McCollum and was engineered and mixed by Terry Sawchuk.

No doubt this nascent artist is well on her way to bringing her sound, Alternative Groove, to the world making it synonymous with the name Dana Edmonds.

Inlfuenced by several artists over the years - past and present. It is always changing and evolving. The permenant ones though are Stevie Wonder, Radiohead, old school soul, Prince, Morecheeba, Sade, The Smiths, etc...


Hybrid Being
©2004, Dana Edmonds

Set List

I was done
Superstar, you were right
Stolen Man
Didn't I
We realize
smoke (You + I)
Dream Sequence
Another chance