Danail Yordanov

Danail Yordanov


Power filled tender and clear message which will make your heart to turn to the Almighty. Rock, pop and dance with world flavour.


It all began with a simple interest in playing the violin at the age of 10. After four years of study he gave it up, feeling there was no future in it. But 15 years later, God found a way to touch his heart deeply and restore a gift he thought was dead. Perhaps his gift would not have been restored if the Almighty Creator of everything had not touched his heart with his life giving words.

When Danail began to play the violin again in 2002 it allowed him to resume his destined musical journey. In 2003 he forayed into songwriting using the newest technologies in music creation available and a year later his dreams became reality with the recording of his first songs.

Danail is also performing violinist. He is taking part of the worship team of the Church in his city.

"When I'm playing violin it's not only touching, it's immersing in the presence of the Almighty"

Danail is committed to excellence in songwriting and performance. He has set his heart to develop his abilities and is working hard, both individually and in collaboration with other music professionals, to craft songs that will deeply touch people’s hearts and minds.


The Crossroad

Written By: Danail Yordanov

I looked and there was a way with flowers
Impressed I’ve began to walk on it.
Beauty was a delight to my eyes
Until I've seen a gravestone.

Is this the end of all?
Or the mark of crossroad?
Is this the end of all?

My life may be filled with joy
May be my ways are success and happiness only
But I don't forget I'll come to the crossroad,
Where all ends or would be new beginning.

I will choose the Way who leads to life,
Where’s no fraud, no lie,
But how to walk on it if I’m not prepared
By hearing what God will.

Draw me near to your heart o Lord,
Fill my mind with your thoughts
My desire is to give you my love.

Wake Up!

Written By: Danail Yordanov

If you only knew this is your last day,
Would you make the same, would you be the same?
The time's come, the thunders I can hear
Jesus Christ coming is near

Wake up! Be strong! There's nothing
What can separate you from the Lord!
When you follow Him with your whole love.
Your life is not meaningless
There's someone you can live for.
Surrounded with a false shine
Catching your eyes and your heart
Don't confuse yourself, look up and
Take the word of your Lord

We Are Faithful

Written By: Danail Yordanov

We are the mighty army,
Gathering for the fight
The Lord is standing in the lead
Turning the darkness into light.

Filled by power from the Holy One
Proclaiming His truth to everyone
By the fire of the word of God
We are faithful to our first love.

The storms are blowing down
Breaking the walls among us all
Making us one heart and mind
United by the Spirit of the Lord
As one body with many parts
With the gifts from our God
We serve Him with whole hearts
Taking possession of His promises

Before You O God we bow down our hearts
Yours is all the glory not ours.


The songs are under further work and are still unpublished.

Set List

The must be for the music is its originality and freshness. There are by no means covers.