Dana Mier

Dana Mier


Acoustic/rock/pop in the likes of Jewel & Patty Griffin
Plays acoustic solo or with a band


From soft innocence to acute seriousness, singer/songwriter, Dana Mier can be anyone she wants to be. Her songs stand to prove the power of her heart and soul. Growing up in Fall River, Massachusetts, Dana experienced a wide range of culture and history that has enabled her to appreciate life and write about her observations. Now, Boston based, Dana has a new well to drink from. Spiritually, emotionally and humorously Dana’s thoughts spill out with strength and conviction. Her latest journey brings her depth to the surface for the entire world to see.

From the small Cambridge cafes to the rock stages of Boston, Dana is making herself heard. “Mier is making her mark with music that appeals to the intellect and heart”, says Steve Morse of The Boston Globe. Starting out with an appearance at the Inside Out Music Festival in July of 1999 was a good omen for Dana. After performing for the entire festival crowd on the main stage she was invited to perform a more intimate set on the second stage. The crowd quickly lined up to purchase her CD that had been released the previous day. More recently, she has shared stages with such diverse artists as Nashville’s Shedaisy, The Virginia Coalition, and England’s The Planets. She was one of the first artists invited to do a residency at Boston’s newest hotspot - The Paradise Lounge.

Dana’s songs address matters of the soul. Songs such as “Is Anyone Listening”, “Inside Out” and “Deny My Heart” are prime examples. “If Only If” and “Perfect” are catchy, witty tunes with “alterna-pop” flavor. Spreading faith, spirituality, and music to the ears of many is just a small part of Dana Mier. Hopefully after a listen, you will receive some of her heart and strength. You deserve it.


"Be Still and Listen" - EP
"Deny My Heart" - EP

Set List

45 minutes to 1 hour set - depends upon the venue what the set list is, I may throw in a few covers here and there