Dan and Leland

Dan and Leland


Dan and Leland are a folk-rock duo who blend ferocious guitar playing with pop sensibility and top-shelf songwriting to create a sound that is both distinct and immediately endearing. Their razor-sharp harmonies, intertwined guitar acrobatics and sublimely crafted songs leave listeners slack-jawed.


Dan and Leland's ferocious guitar playing, razor-sharp harmonies and sublimely crafted songs have been leaving listeners slack-jawed and eager for more for the past three years. Anchored by aggressively catchy hooks and intelli-pop ear-candy production, the Los Angeles based eclectic-rock duo has been gaining momentum since the release of their acclaimed 2006 acoustic debut album, New Directions. Their second album, The Rush of Sights and Sounds (2007), marks D&L's departure into the realm of shimmering electric guitars and pile-driving drums (courtesy of Nate Morton- CBS's Rockstar, Vanessa Carlton, BT). Described as an "...extremely entertaining album, a feast for the senses full of pleasant surprises....", The Rush of Sights and Sounds establishes Dan and Leland as "...Top 40 hitmakers from a parallel universe...." (The Daily Vault). Driven to be prolific and unable to box their music into a single, limiting genre, D&L's live album, If The Moon Was Full, which features upright bass and percussion alongside their dueling acoustic guitars, debuted in the top 75 iTunes folk albums this September. They are currently starting production for their next highly anticipated studio album, which can be expected in 2009. With numerous self-promoted tours under their belts, this wholly independent act has been sharing their music with an increasingly wide and receptive audience all over the country. Performing as an acoustic duo, an acoustic band, or the full electric rock band, D&L consistently deliver ground-breaking pop-rock smashes with "saintly harmonies and reflective lyrics" (Music Connection) that will stay with you long after they have left your ears in ecstasy.

Credits include:
* Album "The Rush of Sights and Sounds" Featured on iTunes home page
* Song "Fly" appeared on MTV's "The Real World"
* Performed with Kerry Harvick for Oxygen's "Bad Girls Club"


Dan and Leland's debut album, "New Directions", was released in September of 2006. Their new electric album, "The Rush of Sights and Sounds", was released in December, 2007. Both are available for purchase at www.myspace.com/danandleland, iTunes and eMusic. Their live album, "If The Moon Was Full", featuring upright bass and percussion alongside their dueling guitars, was released as an iTunes exclusive in September. It debuted in the top 75 iTunes folk albums.

Set List

Our typical set consists of between 30 and 180 minutes of all original material.