Dan and The Steam Engines

Dan and The Steam Engines


Lo-Fi indie folk for melancholy teens and downtown folksters.


I'm nineteen years old and live in Bend, Oregon. I grew up listening to folk, roots, blues, and country music. I've been playing the guitar since my early teens and have been songwriting for long enough to know what I'm doing, or at least that's what I tell myself in front of the mirror everyday.
One day my uncle sent me a Sure 57 stage microphone, so I decided to record some of my songs. Some of my favorite artists record and produce their own music, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I hope you like my songs.


Michael Caine

Written By: Dan Pantenburg

We tumble round you break my bones
and you scratch up my microphone
and sometimes I feel sorry that you came.
You said I didn't disappoint
sugar poured in all my joints
I take an aspirin, I just feel the same.
Oh I don't complain

Someone left the T.V. on
Maybe I'll just play along
and say that it was me and I'm to blame.
Turn out the pockets of your coat
I'l pour the pieces down my throat
But I'm no soldier call me inhumane.
Oh I don't complain.

and Darlin' you're the only one who'll stay.
I'll come round tomorrow I can't make it out today.
And maybe if I'm lucky I can find someplace to lay
before I go on my way.
I go on my way.

You've been falling down to much
you need someone you can touch
or someone who can pick apart your brain.
But honey I've been foolin' round
and I find me some hand-me-downs
without a single rip or tear or stain.
Oh I don't complain.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong,

Written By: Dan Pantenburg

Hands across the western border, hands all over me.
And all my arms and legs are dangling, swinging from the trees.
We study long division like our lives depend on math.
and you make a quick decision you say "Boy, we're going faster than we should".
And I forget the evidence and I forget the crime.
And I'm a dog that follows you around in my spare time.
Despite my good intentions I still found myself alone.
So I built a quick invention you could take with you back home.
I was a radio that played it said" You'll miss me when I'm gone"
But it was wrong, wrong, wrong, and I'll go along with you.

You said bring me a bucket now and i'll put out your fire.
You know that work is hard to find but I'm the one to hire.
A picture perfect memory, I put it in a frame.
And I worked to craft a melody that nobody could tame and it ran wild.
And all my parts are posable, you put me in your bed.
I'm just a life size replica, a boy who's lost his head.
And I'm a storefront mannequin, I'm just another doll.
I take your picture once again, I put it on my wall.
And all the signs along the roadway say "You'll miss us when we're gone"
but they are wrong, wrong, wrong, and I'll go along with you.

You sing me a lullaby and I'll play you a verse.
Just sugar pills and sweet and low that you keep in your purse.
And we dissolve like conversation, I don't hear a word.
Recite it all from memory, a story that you've heard
about a boy that played guitar and said "You'll miss me when I'm gone"
Oh he was wrong, wrong, wrong, and I'll go along with you.

One day we'll take our curtains down, we'll throw them in the fire.
And you can be my common sense, and I can be your liar.
We'll study books and pages, we'll take classes everyday.
And we'll forget the cages we drove past along the way.
You know that sometimes I imagine that you'll miss me when I'm gone
But I am wrong, wrong, wrong.
I'm wrong, wrong, wrong, and I'll go along with you.

Carolinas gonna carry me

Written By: Dan Pantenburg

I've always tried to be strong.
I wasn't invited but I came along
to the basement of somebody's place.
And I broke a bottle I couldn't replace at all.

He tells me hey man I'm a mess.
He's lost all his cigarettes, he don't get no rest.
And he's had one hell of a day.
There's no one else so I listen to what he has to say.

And all that he remembers now it where he parked his car.
He knows where all the bones are found, he tells me where they are.
He don't go to the bank he's got no money left to save.
Says Carolinas gonna carry me and put me in my grave.

I stumble round on my own
She picks me up, says that I should go home.
She says she don't care where I've been.
She gives me her number says we'll meet again someday soon.
And I write it down on my arm.
She makes me swear that I'll do her no harm.
And outside it's starting to snow.
She says she's sorry but she has to go, it's getting late.

And she don't remember now just where she parked her car.
She wants to travel round, she'll never get far.
She goes to church and she tries to be brave.
But Carolinas gonna bring her down and put her in her grave.

And I get my hands on a phone.
I call you up when it's time to go home.
And I'm always looking for rides.
You know that a basements a good place to hide when you're gone.
And If you came looking, I still don't recall.
I fight in the parking lot, I'm too drunk to brawl.
I don't try to live, I just try to behave.
But Carolinas gonna carry me and put me in my grave.


Nothing yet, But I'm working on it.

Set List

I usually like to keep things spontaneous. My usual set consists of mostly vaguely folkish singer-songwriter type stuff.