Dana Parish

Dana Parish


I grew up listening to music as a way to spend my days, expand my mind, and rebel against my curfew as a little girl! As I've grown up, I've established my music to be an outsource of my inner thoughts that are relevant and relatable to an audience of all ages - where I've been and where I'm going.


I am an old fashioned girl. I still want music to be transporting and meaningful like it was for me as a child. I knew as a three-year-old, and announced to my family, that I would be a singer when I grew up. A girl on a mission, some things never change. My earliest memories are of playing records on my first little stereo with these giant headphones. I was barely eight when I was singing my lungs out to Pat Benatar not realizing everyone in the house could hear me. I’d wait til I thought they were asleep, and every night I got into trouble for being up singing past midnight. I wrote and recorded my first song, brilliantly entitled “Only You and Me”, when I was thirteen. Looking back, it’s actually a good little pop song. I am forever grateful to my eternally supportive voice teacher, Paul Adkins, for seeing to it that I got into the studio and made that recording. He even sang back-up. I have never looked back, and although I am flattered to be asked to write for some very well-known artists, I am happiest writing for myself. I hope there’s a little girl out there tonight who is blasting my CD into her headphones way past her bedtime.


EP - It Was Beautiful
EP - Uncrushed
Single - "Not My Problem"
Single - "Today"