Dana Sewell

Dana Sewell


Dana's country music is, for the most part, relationship-based positive songs, with undercurrent themes of love, hope for the future, and strength through adversity. Dana's melodies range from easy and dreamy to very upbeat. "It's real." is Dana's motto.


Dana started singing her country music in public at age 7 and for the last dozen years has performed at fairs and festivals in Indiana, Illinois, and Tennessee. Along the way she has opened shows for Josh Turner, Tracy Lawrence, Ty Herndon, Jeff Bates, Trace Adkins, and Craig Morgan. She has also sung her country-flavored National Anthem for many organizations, including the Cincinnati Reds, Indiana Pacers, and Indianapolis Colts.
Through her own record label, SugarTree Records, Dana released "Just A Country Girl" in 2004, and "Stronger Now" in 2005, both of which featured a few songs written by local songwriters. But Dana's biggest thrill has been the release in December of 2006 of her self-titled album, "Dana Sewell", which showcases 10 songs written by Dana and her songwriting partner, Jerry Haire. "Dana Sewell" was recorded at Coal Miner's Daughter Recording Studio, in Hurricane Mills, TN, using Loretta Lynn's band, The Coal Miners.
Dana hopes to inspire all young women to follow their dreams, and never give up. "You have to fight through it all, and remember that you are never alone!"


Just Go On

Written By: Dana Sewell & Jerry Haire

I was sure I couldn't live without you,
Here by my side.
I thought my world would crash and burn,
If you ever said good-bye.
So baby don't you realize
Just Go On, Cause you were wrong
To lie and decieve
It made me stronger
I no longer need you around
But you'd better kiss me cause you're gonna miss me when I'm gone
Oh you made me strong
So Just Go On.

You promised a whole new world
Where love is always true,
You said you wanted me forever
Now we are through.
(Repeat chorus)

Lookin back now I know
That's just the way love goes
So take it from me
I learned to believe.

(Repeat chorus)
All lyrics copyright 2006
Dana Sewell/Jerry Haire Music and
SweetPea Sugartime Publishing, BMI


"Just A Country Girl" 2004
"Stronger Now" 2005
"Dana Sewell" 2006, which is Dana's first album with 10 new songs written by Dana. The fantastic local radio has played tracks from her new album.

Set List

Dana's set list varies, depending on the audience. She can do cover songs and her own, with a band or from tracks. Even without a band she can do two 45 minute sets. She also enjoys singing the National Anthem, for all events! Just let us know!