Dan Asselin

Dan Asselin


Influenced by the songwriting styles of Elliot Smith, Bob Dylan, Jeremy Enigk, Fiona Apple and John Lennon. A solo act now until I find some good musicians who dig my sound.


As a singer/songwriter I feel passionately indebted to my influences. They are my inspiration, mentors, and guides. The sample of 'Song For Fiona' included in my EPK is an homage to Fiona Apple's latest album. In that song I tried to capture Apple's unique and edgy sense of humor, balanced with an underlying sincerity. I'd like to think of my music as being emotionally and aesthetically versitile, combining folksy Dylanesque melodies and imagery with Elliot Smith's brand of self-critical introspection.


Math Problems For A Rainy Afternoon (from Clive Staples, my former band)
EP - (in progress)

Set List

Song For Fiona
Heil Hipster
Philip Glass
Harry The Pride
Dear Harry (in progress)
Shaking Boots (in progress)