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The best kept secret in music


""My Soul Stirs and My Feet Follow""

Here is an article about Dan recently published in a music magazine in Western Australia:

When something inside you moves, it's wise to listen closely and take immediate action without doubt or fear. In this way we touch our souls and keep in tune with the immaculate flow that is life. Dan Bailey is describing his passion for the musical evolution that he hopes to one day achieve. The 23 year old New York based musician cannot envision a life without his diverse blend of roots, reggae and African drumming. Its a vision far to bleak for me, he says, and his music testifies to that sentiment bleak is definitely not a word to describe the talents of Dan Bailey.

Dan has been musically inspired throughout his whole life, starting at a very young age. His godfather, the late Babatunde Olatunji, who won a Grammy for his 1959 album Drums of Passion, had a great and powerful impact on his path, both spiritually and musically. "Growing up surrounded by the powerful sounds of the drums of Africa and the message of love and healing they bring has inspired my music and path forever; being a wonderful channel of healing energy, a vehicle for meditation, and also a means of making a living. What more could I ask for?"

It seems there isnt much more he could ask for. At the age of 13, Dan was performing and teaching African drumming, his proficiency thanks to his mentor, Olatunji. When he was 19, Dan traveled around the world, soaking up the cultures of areas like Ghana, where he studied drums and dance, and Australia, where the local Aboriginal people taught him to make and play his own didgeridoo. "It was the indigenous aboriginal culture, the music, the art and the spirituality that left the strongest impression on me," he reflects on the experience. "What didn't impress me was the obvious effect Western culture has had on those same beautiful Aboriginal people... alcoholism, poverty, etc."

While he has traveled to many of the places he has already wanted to experience, Dan admits that there are about a billion more. He feels a strong calling to travel to Latin America, intrigued by the mystery of the land, the people, music and culture. Not forgetting the waves Dan is also an avid surfer. Perhaps this will draw him back to Australia at some point. When asked if he will return to the sunburnt country, Dan simply replies, "Absolutely."

You're most likely to find Dan performing outside, under the warm sun, with vibrations of positivity eminating around him, a reflection of what he is all about. Whether it be beside a beach fire at night, at a wedding reception or birthday party, Dan's music appeals to a wide range of audiences. He has opened for some big names in reggae and roots music, including the Wailers, Maxi Priest and Inner Circle. His talents are diverse. He is also currently spreading his experience and knowledge of African drumming in New York.

Dan's first full length release, The Light of One, came out in 2003. 17 songs of unbounded emotion, musical creativity and good fun. As well as teaching, he is currently in the process of preparing recordings for his next album, Guava Nectar, due to be released within the next few months. The album is sure to be a pleaser. Keep a hungry eye out for it.

- Base Magazine, Western Australia


The Light of One


Feeling a bit camera shy


Dan Bailey... A natural entertainer, energetic performer, master drummer, impressive songwriter, world traveler and seasoned professional. These are a few phrases that come to mind when describing this diverse artist. His music is global yet local, personal yet universal... It is steeped in good energy and easily conveys his positive message. He plays like fire in the night and like the ocean flowing in waves of roots reggae, ska, protesta, jazz, blues, folk, and African. Dan was born during the summer of 1982 and has devoted more than half of his lifetime to music. He embodies the character of his native New York and yet expresses the soul of Africa. Wherever he goes he garners respect and leaves strong positive impressions.

Dan has had a rich and unusual musical upbringing surrounded by the sounds of Africa. His parents are South African, his father a musician and mother a dancer. His godfather and mentor, the world-renowned grammy-award winning master drummer, Babatunde Olatunji, significantly influenced Dan. When he was 19, Dan went traveling around the world to write music, teach drumming, perform and surf. Along the way Dan studied with the master drummers and dancers in Ghana, West Africa and performed with many great reggae groups all across Africa. He was featured live on the radio in Australia where he also made a television appearance. He made the news in London for performing at a peace rally and drummed for peace until his fingers were bleeding at the Plaza del Sol in Madrid.

Upon returning to New York, Dan recently opened for the Wailers as well as Culture, Maxi Priest, and Inner Circle. He also opened for Ralph Nader during his presidential campaign. During summertime in the Hamptons, Dan plays countless shows, exclusive private parties, benefits and events. He's also well known and in high demand for his African drumming performances.