Dan Baker

Dan Baker


Americana at its best. This record is stripped down to the bare essentials of what folk music should be, masterfully crafted songs, with unforgiving lyrics, and a live in studio sound - a rare find in today's acoustic music.


An emerging artist in the Boston singer-songwriter scene, Dan Baker is becoming a name to remember around town. With nothing but his weathered voice and a beaten up six string he has been mesmerizing audiences throughout the northeast. Born in Fort Worth, Texas but raised in Boston, Massachusetts- Baker’s music takes on the qualities of both worlds, simple country songs of the south mixed with the strong folk scene of the north. On his debut CD "Outskirt of Town", Baker combines some of Boston’s finest musicians with his impeccable songwriting. The result is an album truly worthy of praise with songs that will dwell within the listener long after the album has ended.


Bad Man

Written By: Dan Baker


The sun was going down on the city
And the streets were ready to burst
I was headed down to my local spot
With some cash and a frustrated thirst
I sat down and I order a double
The bartender said we ain’t looking for trouble
Tonight understand
You’re a bad man

I was wearing a stupid old flannel
This girl said, hey nice shirt
I detected a hit of sarcasm
So I smiled and we started to flirt
I could tell right away she was a little insecure
To get that dress down off of her
Was the real plan
I’m a bad man

I said, this bar is killing me
Why don’t we just get out of here
She said, well ok but first
Let me make something perfectly clear
I’m a good girl I think you can tell.
And I knew I was headed straight down to hell
As I took her hand
I’m a bad man

We walked in through my front door
And I kindly took her coat
I said, we can play monopoly or scrabble
Hell, we can even play tic tac toe
But then I dimmed the lights and I turned on the radio
I searched the dial till I found a real slow
I’m a bad man

Then I curled up around her like a snake
That’s getting ready to constrict
Like any prey would do she immediately
Broke out into a fit
She said, there’s not a chance in this old world
Tell me exactly what kind of girl
Do you think I am
You’re a bad man

The sun is getting out of bed
And the streets are getting soft
I lay down turn the TV on
Then I get up and turn it back off
When it’s early in the morning and the night is still breathing
My heart starts to cry and I get the feeling
I’m dammed
In my head the angles and the demons are fighting
I can’t decide which ones are writing
My plan
And the only thing left is my self-reproach
My family, my friends, and the rest of you folks
Just don’t understand
I’m a bad man
I’m a bad man
I’m a bad man
I’m a bad man

God Might Be Crazy

Written By: Dan Baker


He wasted youth on the young
Good looks on the dumb
And he gives all the riches to the useless and the lazy
But he works in mysterious ways
So it makes it kind of hard to say
But I heavily suspect that God just might be crazy

He invented the pleasures of skin
Then he called those pleasures a sin
He says the road to damnation is paved with desire and lust
For me that’s a pretty hard sell
That making love is gona send me to hell
So I’ve made up my mind that god is certifiably nuts

As I rummage through the attic of time
I’m amazed at the clues that I find
There’s war in the corner and prejudice at the top of the steps
Some believe they control their own fate
And god is just a dealer in the game
Well it’s a down right shame he’s not playing with a full deck

Last night while lost in a dream
The angels they started to sing
Their words rang true like a holy revelation
We’ll find a doctor who’s close to the end
Bury him with his pad and his pen
And say, find out his condition, write him a prescription, because
God needs medication

Spinning Round

Written By: Dan Baker


Thirty years in this saloon
Round here time don’t move
The jukebox plays a tune and I sing out loud
And the world just won’t stop spinning round

Midnight and I’m drinking fast
Heartache fills my glass
Just more time for me to pass living in this town
And the world just won’t stop spinning round

This world just won’t stop spinning
Or maybe it’s just my bed
I don’t know maybe it’s my ceiling
Or maybe it’s just my head
I sit here on my drunkards throne
I wear the drunkard’s crown
It only takes one shot or two
And this world starts spinning round

Lights flicker and it’s last call
My beer is ten feet tall
There’s no time for me to stall better drink it on down
And the world just won’t stop spinning round

Morning now is coming on
The wind cry’s a lonesome song
The trees they sing along to that awful sound
And the world just won’t stop spinning round


My love I could not save
I walk now past her grave
I kneel down and I pray then kiss the ground
And the world just won’t stop spinning round

Been to hell and back again
Always going against the wind
This bottle is the only friend that I got now
And the world just won’t stop spinning round



Written By: Dan Baker


I remember when I was free
Drifting along on a breeze
Take what I wanted didn’t have to say please
Pretty please

I remember you came in strong
You knocked me out it didn’t take long
You turned my breeze into a stone
You turned me on

Because I’m surrounded
I’m surrounded
Lost out at sea, I can’t swim free
Your current is taking me down
I’m surrounded
Out in your deep end
I hope I never get out

For me now it’s to late
Your walls are high there’s no escape
And even if I could I might hesitate
I just might stay

Now I’m surrounded
I’m surrounded
Up in the stars, I can’t see far
I’m blinded in your clouds
I’m surrounded
Out in your moonlight
I hope I never get out

Yea I’m surrounded
I’m surrounded
In this foreign land, you take my hand
There’s no telling where we are bound
I’m surrounded
Out in this new world
I hope I never get out

Live Like A Dog

Written By: Dan Baker


I wake up in the morning
Before the light of the sun
And it’s long after dark
Before I am done
My dog Chester
He stays at the house
He watches TV
And he sleeps on the couch
Sometimes I wish
That we could change places
He could pay rent
And I could lick faces
He could do the cleaning
And he could work the job
And I could live easy
Just like a dog

Eating mud, sniffing buts
Sleeping all day in the yard
Scratching itches, chasing bitches
Sticking my head out the car
Some would live fast
Just like a cheetah
Some would hide
Just like a ground hog
Some would be strong as an ox
Or crazy like a fox
As for me
I’d live like a dog

I ain’t kissed a girl
Since I don’t know when
But Chester he’s got
A million girl friends
We go out on Saturdays
Down to the park
All the poodles come running
When they hear his bark
I don’t know his secret
But he’s got some good luck
Cause he’s big a house
And he licks his own butt
He smells like the sewer
But he’s still a heartthrob
Man I wish I could live
Just like a dog

Set List

My set list consist of the songs from my debut CD; Outskirts Of Town, Traffic Jam, Bad Man,God Might Be Crazy, Dreams, Flamingo & Palm Tree, Surrounded, Untraveled Road, Live Like A Dog, and Spinning Round. I also do a handful of covers including some traditional, folk, and country tuns as well as songs from my upcoming release.