Dan Bernitt

Dan Bernitt

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Singer-songwriter Dan Bernitt has the courage to speak his mind - that's not news. Making music is certainly not new for him either; he has been writing and making music for years, starting on the piano at age eight and the guitar a few years later. Influenced and inspired by musicians like Ani DiFranco, Tracy Chapman, and Duncan Sheik, Dan provides an aggressive, yet somber, folk-rock sound on politics, love, and heartbreak. His lyrics, mostly based on life experiences, have hit strong emotional notes, made even more poignant by the way that nearly anyone, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation, can relate to his words. His songs will press bruises unapologetically - not obligated to make you smile, but hopefully his lively presence onstage will counter that.


Two self-released albums:
2002 - thoughts: scattered
2003 - Introspection

One-man show:
2004 - Moments of Disconnect

Set List

Music: One hour performance.

One-man show: 45-minute performance of "Moments of Disconnect".