Dan Brodie and the Grieving Widows

Dan Brodie and the Grieving Widows

 Northcote, Victoria, AUS

Hailed as a dirty blues/noir ole-skool rock outfit, Dan Brodie and the Grieving Widows play out the dramas of Brodie’s cautionary tales with a laconic swagger and a rock n roll heart.


Dan Brodie is a singa-songwrita from Melbourne, Australia. His debut EP, Im Floatin Mamma (1998), was independently released followed by his debut album, Big Black Guitar (1999) under the moniker, Dan Brodie and the Broken Arrows which featured his brother Chris Brodie on lap steel guitar.

Signed to EMI, the album was rereleased in 2001 to much fanfare. Brodie was snapped up by French label, Last Call Records and dashed off to Europe that year with his faithful brother in tow to play shows in the U.K. and Paris and to answer questions from French periodicals. On his return to Australia, Brodie recorded with U.S. producer John Wooler (Willie Nelson) and engineer Oz Fritz (Tom Waits) and released an EP, Make me wanna Kill, a sonically nastier piece of work than his previous efforts. From these same sessions came the alt country masterpiece, Empty Arms, Broken Hearts which featured Take a Bullet and Jesus try and Save me and garnered Brodie two ARIA AWARD nominations.

Following this, Brodie took a break to return with the guitar driven, Beautiful Crimes (2005), a collection of stunning harmony laden tracks, including the summer anthem, Wanna Shine and the terrifying pean to mental illness, Prescription Chemicals. After this triumph, but suffering from “exhaustion”, Brodie jetted off to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for six months, to “to hopefully drown myself.. and forget everything I had learnt up till then” as he was quoted as saying at the time.

2011 finds our hero back with a brand new outfit called Dan Brodie and the Grieving Widows featuring Dave Nicholls (Ian Rilen/Spencer P.Jones) on drums and Chris Brodie (Broken Arrows) on the bass. Hailed as a dirty blues-noir outfit, the Grieving Widows play out the dramas of Brodie’s cautionary tales with an unhinged violence and malevolence, recently capturing this sound at Headgap Studios in Melbourne with engineer Brent Punshon on eleven brand new tracks. Along with a planned European tour, and a spot at SXSW 2011 in Austin, Dan Brodie and the Grieving Widows are set to unleash their brand new record this year…


Over and over

Written By: Dan Brodie

My mother died when I was only thirteen
And ever since then it's been only me
My sister sells herself in Jerilderee
My brother's inside for trafficking speed

Lower me down

Written By: Dan Brodie

I wanna say one thing before i go
It's all gonna end before you know it
And never try to murder a man
who is already dead by his own hand

Rain set in

Written By: Dan Brodie

Well I can't stand to see you crying all the time
I look into the mirror and I don't recognise myself
Shut down, shattered, battered and abused
Over and done with, and born to lose
Then the rain set in..

That aint too cool man

Written By: Dan Brodie

I hope that your end is a fucking disgrace
with your pants round your ankles and blue in the face
with a belt round your neck and a plug up your arse
And your wife and your kids left to fend for themselves


Im Floatin Mamma EP (1998)
Big Black Guitar LP (1999)
Make me wanna kill EP (2001)
Empty Arms, Broken Hearts LP (2002)
Beautiful Crimes LP (2005)
My friend the murderer (2011)

Set List

It's hard (dancing in middair)
Lower me down
That aint too cool man
Jesus try and save me
You're not invited (to my party)
My friend the murderer
I'm a man
Take a bullet
Make me wanna kill