Dan Carroll

Dan Carroll


"Dan Carroll's brand of soul-inflected song is brilliantly pitched at the more mainstream end of the market - the album providing a mural of creative hooks - Carroll proves himself a disarming vocalist and solid songwriter" Rave Magazine


The Dan Carroll Band have released their new five track EP Departure through Dusk Records and Green Distribution.

Metaphorically named and embraced, Departure heralds the next step in a growing musical journey. No longer simply a solo project for Dan, the band is steering a new creative ship.

The Dan Carroll Band includes Jules Keshan on drums, Brad Hosking on keys and Stevie Whittington on bass.

The band enlisted the help of Anthony Lycenko to produce the groups most cohesive studio effort to date. Most noted for his production work with Pete Murray, Anthony and the band recorded on a typically independent, shoestring budget. Tracked, mixed and mastered in Australia between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, the result is five tracks of delicate distinction.

Initial pre production moulded the songs into breathing tasty bites rich in piano and acoustic guitar.

Dan "It was a definite focussed effort from start to finish. From initial eight track bedroom demos to the final master we always held ourselves back from over doing it, the idea was always less is more."

The band is looking to build on its previous release 'Hit the Low Notes High', a mini album that entered the AIR independent chart in Australia in its first week and received solid radio support around the country.

A versatile live act, the Dan Carroll Band has performed at the Big Day Out, the Brisbane Valley Fiesta, Australian Music Week and with a long list of exceptional touring acts including Pete Murray, Missy Higgins, Lisa Marie Presley, Alex Lloyd, The Whitlams, Eskimo Joe, Dallas Crane and the Hoodoo Gurus. The band maintains a solid presence on the live circuit in South East Queensland.

Produced, engineered and mixed by Anthony Lycenko
Mastered by Paul Blakey @ 12th & Vine Post
Recorded at Rockinghorse Studios Byron Bay & Little Wing Studios Gold Coast.

Track Listing
1 The One
2 I Need You
3 Green
4 Cool Enough
5 Only if You Need to

'The One' has been added to the ABC 91.7 playlist.



Written By: Dan Carroll


I’ve got a long way to go
And I’m the only one who knows it
Peel back the layers to show

Lord knows I tried
I hope it’s green on the other side

I rode the ripple on the tide
Free with the sun and the breeze
Waiting for a moment to arrive

Lord knows I tried
I hope it’s green on the other side

Sweet river, carry me home
Sweet river, don’t leave me alone
I’ll find my way out of here this time

Let the children play in the rain
Happy like a bright sunny day
Nothing could bring them down
With sweet music all around

Lord knows I tried
I hope it’s green on the other side

Cool Enough

Written By: Dan Carroll


I waited for you outside where the sun was shining
The seconds turned to minutes, hours, days
Won’t you just take me now?
You lost me once and I won’t stick around
No more

If I’m not cool enough
If I’m not cool enough
If I’m not cool enough
Then you and I are through

I’m like a little boy lost inside the candy store
Now that I am free to pick and chose
Won’t you just take me now?
You lost me once and I won’t stick around
No more

If I’m not cool enough
If I’m not cool enough
If I’m not cool enough
Then you and I are through

Please make up your mind
Make up your mind
For I no longer have the time for you


Funny Feeling

Written By: Dan Carroll

When the sky hits the ground
And the floor meets the ceiling
All is not well
Says my funny feeling
I got a funny feeling

Across a crowded room I see you smile
You weren’t quick enough to run that mile
Take my hand and I’ll let you see
There’s a cupid’s arrow pointed at you
And it’s pointed at me
I got a funny feeling

Tonight’s the night my numbers will fall
Stay by the phone expect my call
I’ll be there as quick as a flash
Whatever you want you know you can have it
I got a funny feeling

I just don’t know
Why it always happens to me
Must be my funny feeling

I got a funny feeling

The One

Written By: Dan Carroll

I’ve been watching you
Have you been watching me?
If you want my opinion
That’s the perfect recipe
For a little lovin

Cos you are the one
The cool in my breeze
My one leg left standing
When the world has turned on me

Do Do Do Do Do

I’ll give you what you want
I’ll give you what you need
I’ll love you forever
It don’t matter if you’re half mad, for I’ve been taught
It’s all the same to me


Take your time
No need to be leaving
Don’t disappear without a trace
My heart is cold
But it’s still beating, this is bad
So bad, you better be good to me



Written By: Dan Carroll

Looking for a new solution
Searching everywhere
You feel like you’re a wasted moment
That life is cruel, unfair

It’s all around you

It’s everywhere
Did you think all the fun was hiding from you?
It’s everywhere
Stop and think, let the sun
Shine down on you

Heading in the right direction
Your look becomes a stare
You’re feeling good, your heart is racing
It’s always been right there

It’s all around you


You’re the only one who really matters
You’re the only one who cares


Chorus (Repeat)

Over My Dead Body

Written By: Dan Carroll

In a happy kind of way
Have you forgotten how to feel?

Confession time
That will help you through the day
Pick you up when you are down

Standing by G
Over my dead body
We never shook hands on the deal

It’s a contest
With a little give and take
Win a free spin on the wheel

Of too little and too late
I would run if I weren’t bound




Man On the Street

Written By: Dan Carroll

I met a wise man and I met him on the street
“Could you spare me a dollar”?
He said, please to eat
I thought about turning to run out of site
But a dollar just might get him through the night

You stop and you stare and you go
Keep walking away from a warm heart beating
You stop and you stare, you should know
There’s a soul inside

I spent a little time with the man on the street
He was five foot nine, blue eyes, bare feet
And boy, let me tell you he had stories to tell
About the good life before he lay where he fell.


Don’t let the time go
Let the man on the street know
There’s always a way
A way home


Strange Inside - 4 Track Acoustic EP 2004
Hit the Low Notes High - 8 Track Mini Album 2005
Departure - 5 Track EP - Sept 8th 2007
Waves of Paradise - Icast
The Storm - Nine Network
Tracks available at www.myspace.com/dancarrollband

Set List

Losers Party
Cut Me a Break
Funny Feeling
Man On the Street
Agree to Disagree
My Dream for You
Pink Pills
See What the Night Brings
Brand New Day
Only if You Need To
Shoot it Down
The Wind Shakes the Trees
One Of Us Has to Go
Are We Still At War?
Cool Enough
Back in the Middle
Cool Me Down
The One
Nothing is Wrong
On Easy Street
Nothing Really Matters Anyway
Over My dead Body
- This is a 26 song setlist. The band edits this list depending on the length of performance.
Dan Carroll also performs solo/duo/trio.