Dance Band

Dance Band


It's an extraterrestrial blend that's part Parliament, part Daft Punk, part EW&F, with some Dre thrown in for good measure. Dance Band is committed to bringing an emphasis to live performance back. Our shows do not disappoint and are not soon forgotten.


This funk train is bound for majesty.

There was a dream of booty groovement; the stars called out into the void seeking those with buttsperience. A bright flare sparked the wasteland and succulent movement was returned to the universe.

We have returned.

I see, since we left, things have gone downhill. I, Captain Octagon, will not allow such boredom to continue! Join with me, my friends: A fist full of glory magnets will pull you closer to the truth, and glorified in the presence, you will find realizification. But a tiny glimmer from the great beyond will undoubtedly .. your attention for a moment. Will we still be there? I think we shall. In fact, instigated on the loop-ed rollerframe of mind was the designation of destination. We'll bring you home, baby. Straight on through, you know. Like a stack of pancakers, piling themselves up and out dangerously close to the sun where gravitations bend around them. Maple is the notion, butter aids the motion. Sunbaked, your curves: served.


EP-Pedal Power, Dec. 2006
LP-Dance Band Returns From the Land After Tomorrow, Dec. 2007

KCMP, The Current plays our music.

Set List

We play for about and hour and a half, with the intention to keep growing the set because people have been getting disappointed when we run out of material. We don't use set lists, we call it out as we go and build it up as seems necessary for the audience. We have a couple of covers, but the majority is original material.