Dancehall Free for All

Dancehall Free for All



If your looking for something new in Southern Ontario's up and coming music scene and you're trying to avoid pawn shop synthesizers or eighties hair metal revamped, then 'Dancehall Free For All' is just what you're looking for. With influences from Jazz, Ska, Rock and a hint of Funk into the mixture, 'Dancehall Free For All' creates a hybrid sound that can't quite be pinned down. We recommend that you spend less time trying to figure out exactly what genre of music they're playing and more time dancing, movin' and groovin' to the final result.
These 6 musicians from Guelph, Ontario, have captured a sound guaranteed to garner the approval of their listeners, leaving them humming contagious horn lines and drumming to the beat.
Dancehall Free For All had the amazing opportunity to play the Guelph Hillside Festival in July 2007, alongside greats like The Dears, Apostle of Hustle, Emily Haines, Do Make Say Think and many others. A few months later Dancehall received an invitation to the Pop Montreal music festival in October were they had an amazing show, and even better time in Montreal.


Dancehall Free for All (Self Titled) 2007

Set List

Instrumental (Intro)
9-5 Lives
Something Collective
Tomorrow in Thailand
In transit
Just a Little (Cover: Powder Blues Band)
Queen Bee
Dani Knows