Dancehall Free for All

Dancehall Free for All

 Guelph, Ontario, CAN

Powerful vocals, a tight rhythm section, contagious horn lines and a serious groove, is what makes Dancehall Free for All a band that is guaranteed to garner the approval of whoever listens to them. With a mix of dance rock, soul, ska, funk and jazz, this is a band that will get everyone moving.


Since Early 2007, Dancehall Free for All has been making music that is truly unique, without resorting to 808s and pawn shop synthesizers. So what makes these six lads from Guelph Ontario, stick out in todays music scene? It may be the high energy horn section that belts out lines that will immediately catch anyone's attention. Maybe it's the catchy groove that keeps people coming back, looking for more more more or the powerfully soulful vocals. Whatever it is, Dancehall Free for All, has a sound that is truly their own.

With the release of their second album "9-5 Lives," Dancehall has found their footing in the ever growing Canadian music scene. The band stands for trying new things, breaking away from the same old song, and creating something that's genuinely refreshing and original.

Everywhere these six Guelph boys play, whether it's close to home at Hillside festival or out to places like Pop Montreal , you can be sure that the crowd that shows will be there to clap, sing, scream, chant and bust a serious move.


"Dancehall Free for All" -Self Titled EP (2007)
"9-5 Lives" - Full Length (2008)

"Something Collective" CBC Radio 3 Track of the Day for March 14th 2008

Set List

Set List

Instrumental Intro
Girls and Boys
9-5 Lives
Something Collective
Tomorrow in Thailand
Danny Knows
Queen Bee
In Transit


* As of right now we are only doing one cover: "Just a Little" by Powder Blues Band