Dancing About Architecture

Dancing About Architecture


Jazz-infused funk brought to you by a 7-piece lineup of energetic and passionate musicians. Infectious horn lines, soulful solos, and grooves the just dare you not to move.


"This 6-7 piece brisbane based jazz-funk band is as fresh as it gets" - Jim Budd, Marketing and Development Officer for Jazz Queensland

~ Recent gig experience ~
Woodford Folk Festival 2006/'07
Valley Jazz Festival 2007
Ambiwerra 2007
Fringe Bar / Brisbane Jazz Club / Rics Bar / Alley Bar

It all started with the ‘College Funk Ensemble’ – a rebellion against the typically narrow music curriculum back in high school days. Then came graduation, and the realisation that this music was just too much fun to give up on. So a new band was formed…

Dancing About Architecture cut its teeth with late night rooftop jam sessions in Brisbane’s West End. From there the band has continued to grow steadily, picking up extra players and added groove along the way. Years later, the band is now a 7-piece outfit, representing the enthusiastic youth of Brisbane’s jazz scene, playing all original jazz funk compositions…good fun music!


"Live at the Brisbane Jazz Club", released April 2007 - 13 tracks, recorded live.

"Romance and Reality" EP, released November 2005 - 7 tracks, 40 minutes.

All releases are available for full free download at http://www.dancingaboutarchitecture.com.au

Set List

Typical repertoire includes almost all original compositions of jazz-infused funk.