Dancing Goats

Dancing Goats

 Bound Brook, New Jersey, USA

This band Jams! Strong songwriting. Great vocals, Two Female singers, one Male. Keyboards, Bass and Guitar and two Drummers. They create magic as they weave between their originals into a well arranged covers and back.


We are Minstrels in Search of Merriment. Come join in the circus.

Featuring two Female Singers, one guy with a rough and tumble voice who likes to play his guitar, two Drummers, Keyboardist and Bass, the band makes a big impression. All experienced musicians, they spread their talents throughout the arrangements, but work for the songs: it's not cluttered. The harmonies soar. They rare instigators, creating clever twists and turns that sneak up and surprise. The beats groove hard, then open into a jazzy or spacey sound scape followed by another foot tapping groove. No cookie-cutter copy band here. These guys are come to play.

The Goats feature a mix of their original music interspersed with versions of popular songs from the American songbook and beyond. Funky Grooves, High Energy Sing Alongs, Bluesy Testimonials, a couple Old School R&B moments with a few Ethereal things keep the shows fun and interesting.

Influences are the grooves of vintage American RnB: Smokey, Marvin, Aretha, blended with the San Francisco psycho-jam scene, with due respect to strong songwriters like those lads from Britain and modern troubadours like Jack Johnson, Dave Mathews, Amy Winehouse and Joss Stone.

Maria, Scott, Lauren Banjo, Steve and Greg; all with their own stories and history come together for the love of music, to celebrate each night playing songs they love and you know for people who love music.

Thats it really. We hope you enjoy the tunes. Peace.



Written By: Scott MacPherson


Drifting out to sea, She's sailing away from me
And all the dreams we shared. are just tattered in the breeze.
The moon pulls down. as the riptide gathers round
the wake that's left behind the large ship pulling out.

As the ships lights fade away, and I'm just standing down
wind from where her memory starts to fade; I feel worn out
All those dreams we planned I let go inside
A seagull picks them up, and flies off in the night

New love brings joy, but we don't take time to see
love's a fragile balance between the present and the past
The wind blows on my back, but the wind doesn't know my name
I can't remember places, we walked on yesterday

The moon calls up the tide. as the foaming waters rise
I wonder how far they roll before they hit the other side
all too many dreams, far too many schemes have gone astray oh oh

Driftin' out to sea, She's sailing away from me
All the dreams we shared, are just tattered in the breeze
The moon pulls down, as the riptide gathers' round
the wake that's left behind the large ship pulling out.

Just as sure things change, things once close, fade away.

words & Music: Scott MacPherson ©2006


The band releases their material on their website and myspace page. Cuts from their Debut will be posted as they are completed. Check them out at:

Set List

Fell In Love With A Boy-Joss Stone
I'll Be Waiting - Adelle
Get Lucky - Daft Punk
Baby I love You-Aretha Franklin
Valerie - Amy Winehouse
Minority-Green Day
Clean Up Woman - Betty White
Brown Eyed Women / Bird Song / Scarlet Begonias-Grateful Dead
Tighten Up - Black Keys
Santeria - Sublime
Love Me Like a Man -Bonnie Raitt
Forget You/Crazy-Ceelo Green
Sheep Go To Heaven, Goats Go to Hell - Cake
Life During Wartimes-Talking Heads
TightRope -  Janelle Monae
Somebody To Love-J.Airplane
Everlong-Foo Fighters
I Go Crazy-James Brown
Hush - Deep Purple
Day Tripper / It Won't Be Long-Beatles