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Dancing Goats

Bound Brook, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Bound Brook, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Americana Jam




"very reminiscent of Ryan Adams and the Cardinals circa mid-2000's. A flattering comparison to say the least."

Dancing Goats, while not a household name, yet, will certainly take you by surprise with their new single, “Frustration.” Invoking a style that blends Alt-Country, Classic Rock, Jam Band vibes and a touch of Jazz- vocal feel, you are in for a treat with this intriguing new track that will have you craving more of this brilliant group hailing from New Jersey.
Starting off the piece is a bright piano, mixed in with an organ, which is very reminiscent of Ryan Adams and the Cardinals circa mid-2000's. A flattering comparison to say the least. Dancing Goats is already ahead of themselves. Amongst the smooth bass, and slick guitar riffs, the tones of every instrument resonate throughout the song. Bringing the track together is the melodic vocals of two female lead vocalists, Maria and Michele, who take this musical journey to the next level. Gorgeous harmonies over echoing keys will immediately draw you in, as your attention will not linger. The haunting guitar solo that approaches near the middle of the song will also make your eardrums melt. It also adds a tinge of the Blues into this musical stew that Dancing Goats will serve to you.
Every piece of Dancing Goats’ “Frustration,” sticks out, as each instrument and part of the song is truly unique and takes on a life of it’s own. It takes a few listens not to miss anything that has gone on in the song. Whether you missed that astonishing high note the first time around, or the killer ending of the track with it’s sultry vocals, you will want to give this a second listen (or third, or fourth…). But that’s okay. In any case you will want to have this charming song on repeat anyway. This is only the beginning for Dancing Goats.
Review by Melissa Nastasi?Rating:  5 Stars (out of 5) - Melissa Nastasi

"Dancing Goats impresses."

Dancing Goats is a jam band that finds influence within numerous genres of?music including blues, rock, country, reggae, jazz and old Scottish?traditional. Their latest single, the seven-and-a-half minute “Frustration”?demonstrates all these flavors and more. Whether it’s Maria Riggi’s soulful?signing style or the band’s long musical interludes, Dancing Goats?impresses.
The band says it’s all about the songs and this is evident on “Frustration.”?The song begins with a seductive percussion beat and 30 seconds of?instrumentals including wavering guitar features before Riggi’s sultry?vocals are heard for the first time.
“Frustration is seeing the look on your face, the pain in your eyes/But?knowing you hurt inside I see the dreaded disguise, waiting for the time to?step in,” she sings. Later she asserts, “I know that you are the key to my?heart.”
The slow paced music coupled with gospel-esque background vocals strikes a?chord and intrigues the listener. Riggi is at the forefront of the track for?the first three minutes before Dancing Goats’ jam band performance vibe?kicks in. For nearly three minutes the band captivates with soaring piano?landscapes, memorable keyboards and driving electric guitar.
The instrumental interlude features each instrument at the forefront of the?song, instantly changing the temperature of “Frustration.” At first wavering?electric guitar and bass accompany each other with light percussion before?delicate strokes of the piano are heard. The casual jam band vibe alternates?to hints of a rock & roll show with ear-grabbing guitar riffs and?foot-stomping percussion before Dancing Goats transform to more of a jazz?setup.
Eventually Riggi’s vocals reenter as she sings, “Smile for me baby?can’t you see/All I need is you to smile.” The song then segues to a more?classic vibe as her soprano voice soars at the track’s close alongside jazzy?percussion and piano accompaniment. While at the start of “Frustration”?Riggi details the confusion she feels in her relationship, by the track’s?end she has it all figured out. “Smile for me/I love to see you smile,” she?sings with passion. If only that was the cure to all relationship troubles.
Review by: Annie Reuter?Rating: 4 (out of 5) stars - Annie Reuter


Jam bands aren’t necessarily Grateful Dead disciples. While many jam bands do fit that description, there are others that don’t sound anything at all like the Grateful Dead. A perfect example is the New Jersey-based jam band Dancing Goats, whose single, “Frustration,” is much closer to blue-eyed soul than it is to the laid back country-rock that Jerry Garcia and his allies gave us. A moody, dusky type of song, “Frustration” is melodic pop-rock with a strong R&B influence and hints of jazz. Dancing Goats have cited Joss Stone and another British singer, the late Amy Winehouse, as influences, and melodically, “Frustration” does have some things in common with their work even though Stone and Winehouse were never part of the jam band scene.

In their publicity bio, Dancing Goats assert: “We are a jam band whose jams are structured around our songs. The jams don’t make the songs, the songs make the jams.” And that is an accurate statement because first and foremost, the seven-minute “Frustration” is not about jamming or improvisation; it’s about songcraft. The song’s attractive melody and Maria Riggi’s expressive lead vocals are the things that win the listener over to begin with; when Dancing Goats’ Scott MacPherson solos on guitar and Riggi solos on piano, the solos are appealing side dishes. They aren’t the main ingredient, but they are enjoyable side dishes. And if Dancing Goats had edited out those solos and cut “Frustration” down to about three or four minutes, it still would have been a strong single. In fact, if one heard an edited version of “Frustration” minus the solos and didn’t know anything about Dancing Goats’ background, he/she wouldn’t necessarily think of them as a jam band. They are most definitely a jam band, however, and they deserve a lot of credit for being among the jam bands that make honest-to-God songcraft a high priority.

“Frustration” is a fine single from these New Jersey residents.

Review by Alex Henderson
Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)

Alex Henderson is a veteran journalist/music critic whose work has appeared in Billboard, Spin, The L.A. Weekly, Creem, HITS, Jazziz, JazzTimes, CD Review, Skin Two, Black Radio Exclusive, Thrash Metal and a long list of other well known publications. Known for his eclectic tastes, Alex has contributed several thousand CD reviews to The All Music Guide online and series of reference books since 1996. Jello Biafra, Sonny Rollins, Megadeth, Ice Cube, Live, Chick Corea, Public Enemy, Marduk, Bobby Brown, Ra and Everlast are among the many well known artists Alex has interviewed during his long career. - Review by Alex Henderson


The band releases their material on their website and myspace page. Cuts from their Debut will be posted as they are completed. Check them out at:



We are Minstrels in Search of Merriment. Come join in the circus.

Featuring two Female Singers, one guy with a rough and tumble voice who likes to play his guitar, two Drummers, Keyboardist and Bass, the band makes a big impression. All experienced musicians, they spread their talents throughout the arrangements, but work for the songs: it's not cluttered. The harmonies soar. They rare instigators, creating clever twists and turns that sneak up and surprise. The beats groove hard, then open into a jazzy or spacey sound scape followed by another foot tapping groove. No cookie-cutter copy band here. These guys are come to play.

The Goats feature a mix of their original music interspersed with versions of popular songs from the American songbook and beyond. Funky Grooves, High Energy Sing Alongs, Bluesy Testimonials, a couple Old School R&B moments with a few Ethereal things keep the shows fun and interesting.

Influences are the grooves of vintage American RnB: Smokey, Marvin, Aretha, blended with the San Francisco psycho-jam scene, with due respect to strong songwriters like those lads from Britain and modern troubadours like Jack Johnson, Dave Mathews, Amy Winehouse and Joss Stone.

Maria, Scott, Lauren Banjo, Steve and Greg; all with their own stories and history come together for the love of music, to celebrate each night playing songs they love and you know for people who love music.

Thats it really. We hope you enjoy the tunes. Peace.

Band Members