Dan Coleron

Dan Coleron


With strong balanced vocals, melodies that stick, and a wicked right thumb slap, one thing this folk pop rocker doesn't need is a back-up band. Irish ballads meet Latin rythms and bluegrass meets funk. A fresh new sound not to be missed.


Dan Coleron never imagined himself launching a solo career from Anchorage, Alaska. A Massachusetts native, Coleron began his career in the Boston folk scene, before packing his bags and guitar to head north to Alaska in the spring of 1997, following his own call of the wild.
Upon his arrival, Coleron formed the jam band Hara and played weekly for dancing crowds throughout the state. By the year 2000, Coleron had released his first album, “Bird Point”. The success of the album in the Anchorage area was a testament to Coleron’s grass roots following from years of playing the Alaskan circuit festival and as a mainstay at popular venues such as Max’s in Girdwood and the Mooses Tooth in Anchorage.
Bird Point transforms the listener to a different realm. In the somber and mood altering ‘At Least’ the listener walks through a forest wood and into a cratered moon,” Crystal Hutchens, Anchorage Daily News.
A folk pop rocker, Coleron looks to his guitar as the rhythm section as music columnist Matt Hopper notes in the Anchorage Daily News. “His style of strumming is unique in that it mimics the thumb picking, walking bass lines of old, but uses the thumb position to thump the guitar and strings to create a percussive effect essential to Coleron’s rich and colorful sound.”
After hosting an open mic at Anchorage’s Snow City Cafe? and performing to audiences from Fairbanks to Juneau, Coleron was brimming with material for his second album, Silt. A far more ambitious album than his first, Silt incorporates a variety of musical styles from Latin to rap to bluegrass and features an all
star band.
Coleron’s music leads listeners through inspiring tales of physical and spiritual journeys. Lyrics and melodies blend seamlessly into chord progressions that lift and ring through the air. His songs weave sonorous tales.
In the spring of 2006, we find Coleron reemerging in his hometown of Boston. Having made his mark in Anchorage, he sets his sights on his latest release, Par Avion. Coleron incorporates strong sounds of folk, bluegrass, pop, R&B, and rock, along with his signature percussive rhythms into this lush and poignant album.
Par Avion, French for “for flight,” tells a story in real-time about separation, doubt, and self guilt, on the ultimate journey to real found love and a new life.


Bird Point (2001)
Par Avion(2005)

Set List

Set lists are mostly original with an occasional cover. Dan plays music that works with cafes and loud bars. It all depends on the scene and what works best for the venue.