Dan Colles

Dan Colles


An eclectic mix of modern and classic pop/rock with a dash of orginal music, enrolled in an energectic, crowd participating rendetion of Fraggle Rock.


Dan Colles is basically the campfire singer. The guy who has the guitar and plays the tunes that everybody wants to hear while sitting back enjoying the evening. Starting his music ventures in the blissful hotbed of acoustic rock, Bloomington, IL in early 2004, Dan has made his way from hosting open mic nights to having his own weekly showcase to playing with some of the largest up and coming Chicagoland bands such as Dave Tamkin, MER, Bottle of Justus, and King Solomons Grave and even opening for Michael Glabicki, lead singer of Rusted Root. As a singer, his voice tends to travel all over the board, as he develops what is said to be a very distinct vocal styling infused dramatically with very percussive guitar licks. Finally as a song writer, Dan likes to to use simple progressions and melodies that can easily become catchy. A simplistic style that envelopes audiences from coffee houses to college hotspots. A mainstay of any Dan Colles show is involving the crowd, be it one or one hundred, by touching on numerous genres, including country, rap, pop, tv theme songs, and comedy, such as having almost one hundred college students at Pub II in Normal, IL singing along to the Chicago Bears' "Super Bowl Shuffle.' A rarity to hear at any live show.


Five track self titled EP, August 04

New Album to release Late 06

Set List

Set lists can run from 30 minutes to 3 hours, usually 80% covers and 20% orginal music.

Covered artists include:

Dave Matthews
Jack Johnson
Jimmy Buffett
Matchbox 20
Howie Day
Tom Petty
Stephen Lynch
Tenacious D
Random TV theme Songs