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Dan Costello

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Dan Costello is folk-hoppin' piano playin' songwriter from Brooklyn, NY. With great lyrics and a variety of styles at his disposal, he can write love-sick ballads just as readily as toothy songs of social commentary.


Emerging from the cultural cross streets of Brooklyn, Dan Costello's sound breaks all the musical molds. Utilizing influences of Hip Hop, Folk, Rock, Jazz and Broadway, Dan refuses to be restricted to any particular genre, fashioning new sounds out of his eclectic influences.

Through his parents, Dan heard socially conscious music ranging from Woody Guthrie's Ballad of Sacco and Vanzetti to the political songs by Pete Seeger and Phil Ochs at an early age. By the time he was 12, he'd added N.W.A. Public Enemy and DMX to his catalogue. As an early teenager in a predominantly Black middle school, Dan began singing Gospel and playing Jazz saxophone and keyboard. He wrote his first song, "Dan's Blues" for the All-City Orchestra in Albany, NY at the age of thirteen.

Dan attended Syracuse University and quickly became the musician du jour in the Drama Department, coaching singers and accompanying them. He produced a stage version of Pink Floyd's The Wall, created adaptations of The Who's Tommy and The Rocky Horror Show as well as composing his own song cycle (including the oft-performed Talking World War III Training Camp Blues and Simply Theoretical) in January 2003.

Dan plays frequently at the Sidewalk Cafe and has also played CBGB's Lounge, the Bitter End, Laila Lounge and several holes in the wall. Dan's redent tours have taken him to Toronto, the UK, and this American Midwest and Northeast. Off to The Pacific Northwest in January!

Dan is ceaselessly spreading music for real people, one song at a time. In addition to frequent gigs and working as a freelance sound engineer, he the cohost at Lach's Antihoot, NYC's biggest open mic. Dan quit his stupid office day job and is currently making his second album and seeking cheap health insurance.


I Never Knew The Cost

Written By: Dan Costello

I Never Knew The Cost" by Dan Costello

Somethin you said's been keepin me up
I don't even remember how you said it
But the gist of it was "Don't trust me too much.
You'll only ever live to regret it."
And lately at night, I swallow my pride
My stomach's turned and tossed.
I knew I'd pay for lovin you
But I never knew the cost.

Someday you'll see the smile that you left
On the inside of my memory.
It stops my tracks dead, so much was left unsaid
In the sealed letters and the lack of company.
Now it's wintertime in my spirit
My heart is filled with frost.
I knew I'd pay for lovin you
But I never knew the cost

Maybe I should have listened to you
That you would only hurt me in time.
But I kept pursuing, I dun my own undoing
And now all my other hope's been left behind.
And while I should regret the time that I gave you
Well sometimes time gets lost.
I knew I'd pay for lovin you
But I never knew the cost.

On a clear August morning I'll ride in the distance
And leave you to watch as I set.
Time to rattle these bones, skip the stepping stones
For a land that I ain't never seen yet.
You were always very receptive
We just had our signals crossed.
I knew I'd pay for lovin you
But I never knew,
No I never knew,
No I never knew the cost.

Stuck Outta Luck 2006

Written By: Dan Costello

Crabapple tree in the backyard / Life's hard man, the going's real hard / gotta buck up gotta look up gotta suck up gotta duck / gotta take out all the breaks / gotta take it in the arm / life's tough shit's rough / mean and nasty stuff is coming out comin up / someone shattered the cup / so glass empty glass full i don't know which way is up / i don't know which way to pull / i'm not sure about this stuff

i can't stop it / can't touch / can't kill the pain it's too much / I can’t claim I got game / but I’m about to boil over and you’re fanning my flame / and I’m stuck I’m broke / I’m a drunk and a joke / a super savvy fool with a coolness cloak / I rap and I rhyme / hope you’re havin a good time / cuz time got stuck and I’m stuck here outta luck

Mean men roam through the backstreets / I try to stand up to em but my bones are too weak / take a nose dive / manage to keep hope alive / but my eyes are feelin flooded / my future is bleak / pity me boo hee / ain’t nothing wrong with crying / just about the only way to deal with soldiers daily dying in explosions / and a real life action movie where unsupervised reservemen go beyond the call of duty / so excuse me if I commit these things to the page / but I’m an actor / there’s no script / and this whole backwards world’s my stage and

i can't stop it...

Superstition is walking round ladders / actuality and sanity and peace is all that matters / indecision is a stealer of keys / a shadow in a dark alley pushin me to my knees / retribution is a lie upon a bed / sharing pillows with my head / feeling nothing but the drea / I like losing less that winnin / I like tonic with my gin / and I don’t know where I should start / so I’ll start at the beginning

i can't stop it...

frozen flags shatter into a million nija stars / fifty million ninja stars all over the world

I don’t have dreams I believe some things honestly / and I believe we are headed for an odyssey / a long shot / good guess / good luck / god bless / in your palace fill your chalice with an ounce of spirituality / maybe our fate is written in the stars / or on the back of a business card / meet me out back / we’ll track sunset / by the crabapple tree in the backyard

i can't stop it...

The Saga of Lorimer Jail

Written By: Dan Costello

Here's a true story outta Williamsburg Brooklyn....

Been one hour in the Lorimer Jail
Been one hour in the Lorimer Jail
The low ceilings hurt my feelings In the Lorimer Jail

Been two hours but it doesn’t make sense
I hung a couple flyers to a well-hung fence
And I’m serving a sentence in the Lorimer Jail

Been three hours since the cops took me in
Locked the shackles, checked my pockets, made the flashing lights spin
And I shouldn’t, shouldn’t be in the Lorimer Jail

Hit four hours in the Lorimer Jail
Hear a cop laughin and I start to wail
Cuz he’s admitting I’m worth forgetting
But I’m sitting in the Lorimer Jail

Been five hours since they pictured my faces
Printed my fingers and stole my shoelaces
Took a while to send my file
I’m counting paces in the Lorimer Jail
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Hit six hours in the Lorimer Jail
Cops let me out without papers or bail
And at my hearing my brother’s cheering
“Dan don’t belong in the Lorimer Jail”

Dan don’t belong in the Lorimer Jail
Dan don’t belong in the Lorimer Jail
You got it wrong, he don’t belong
no Dan don’t belong in the Lorimer Jail

Now in Williamsburg the Mayor’s friends are buying the land
And all of the graffiti's getting way outta hand
And if all advertising’s banned
There’ll be a lotta bands in Lorimer Jail

Bands don’t belong in the Lorimer Jail,
Bands don’t belong in the Lorimer Jail
Tell the mayor he has failed because
Bands don’t belong in the Lorimer Jail


"Halloween Baby" - released August 2006
***"The Pot Song" is the #7 all-time comedy song on garageband.com"***

"The Jazz EP" - Coming November 2007

Set List

Some piano, some guitar. Some hip hop, some ballads. Some laughing, some goosebumps. Covers could be Phil Ochs, Talib Kweli or Malvina Reynolds. Or "The Ugly Duckling Song" from the movie musical "Hans Christian Anderson". I am happy to play as long as 90 minutes or as little as one song.