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"Indie / Folk: Review of Skin Grows Thin"

This album is beautiful! When you listen to Skin Grows Thin, the new album from Dan Craig, you are immersed in a world of music custom fit to the moments in your life. The listener can genuinely feel the emotion intended throughout this work of art. The poetry that is Craig’s lyrics rhythmically bounce flawlessly while soothing emotional urges that were present before first listen. Craig’s vocal technique harmonizes with his words in which he sings, raising life to the voice that is his own. Skin Grows Thin is a collection of sorrowful yet triumphant songs, each with stellar instrumental performances that live and breathe as one within the song, overall contributing to the warmth of the recording. Combined with excellent matching artwork, Dan Craig finds himself with another outstanding album. - Music Buzz

"CD Review"

Why would one put medical school on hold for dreams of living on cereal and going on tour in a van? "Because music is the best thing I know how to do," says Denver's own Dan Craig.

His current CD, Wirebird, shows just how much music is indeed the best thing Craig knows how to do.

There is such a different aura about it; the scratch of his voice combined with the innocent-flavored songwriting is the combination only someone of Craig's talent can pull off, and pull off exceptionally.

Wirebird contains inviting songs that initially had gotten Craig noticed in his native Colorado; this album gives other independent music connoisseurs the opportunity to experience the variety that ranges everywhere from subtlety introspective to downright experimental.

Needless to say, it is far from a disappointing work.

In addition, Craig weaves romanticism and realism in a harmonious dance in the songs, with the best tracks being the opening song, "Afterglow," "Anything Less," and "Waiting on a Waitress,"

In all honesty, however, it was difficult to choose those among the best, as all 12 tracks are exquisite and very well done.

Medicine may have had a loss in Dan Craig, but one listen to Wirebird can convince even the toughest and pickiest indie music fan that what was medicine's loss is music's must-listen find.
- L. Anne Carrington

"Colorado Music Buzz"

With songs like his own “Further to Fall” and covers like “falling slowly” by glen hansard, I was convinced that Dan can take any piece of music whether it’s his own or someone else’s, and pull you in emotionally – making the song truly his own. I felt drawn to his style of storytelling. You can’t help but be convinced you are listening to a future star. As he was headlining, I had expected a longer set – but it seemed to end as quickly as it began. I left wanting to hear more from this brilliant up-and-coming performer. Expect this artist to rise to the top of Denver’s music scene.
- Michael Orton


This is Dan Craig's sophomore effort to accompany 2005's "New Every Morning". And a very nice record it is too. Of chief note are the excellent vocal performances which lead these songs – a sort of James Blunt with a very heavy Woodbine habit and less whining. The musicianship is very good too – Craig plays most of the instruments himself save for drumming and a little bass playing. A proper singer-songwriter then with just the right amount of earnestness without being strained and sufficient balls to 'rock out' when required without losing sight of the purpose of the music. Having said that the absolute stand out tracks are those which feature that voice with a certain restraint to the music – "Cherry Moon" and "Till The Morning Comes" hit the mark. As a young man in his twenties hopefully Dan Craig has a lot more up his sleeve.

- Paul Villers


Sometimes comparisons are a tricky thing. They can turn you off of music you might otherwise like; for instance, I can name countless bands I love but whose contemporaries I don't.
But other times, as in the case of Denver singer-songwriter Dan Craig, they're spot on. So here's my comparison: Craig sounds like Damien Rice and Cameron McGill combined, with his own uniqueness and originality making it all work and rise above the rest.
Craig's second release, Wirebird, is a captivating and intriguing listen from start to finish. First song "Afterglow" is an upbeat, catchy number with a complexly strummed acoustic guitar. A distorted guitar kicks off "Kid in My Clothes," which finds Craig questioning the path he's followed. "Window" takes things down a notch; this slow-burner is filled with poetic imagery and lines such as, "Go out boldly she says/ Don't take no today/ god knows there is no such thing/ We're only moments anyway."
"Waiting on a Waitress," despite having a catchy title, is a hard-strummed rocker, while "Till the Morning Comes" has more of an addictively toe-tapping groove to it. Craig is perhaps at his most Damien Rice on the title track; the instrumentation simple and stripped down, his rough-coated voice stands tall. Piano song "Woken Up Grass" is a classic way to end a timeless album.
Craig's voice is soothingly scratchy, comforting and worn like that old pair of shoes you wear so well. The music's intricate yet simple, easy. Wirebird is singer-songwriter at its best, mellow enough for background music yet richly woven and literate; Craig's lyrics tell tales of people, portraying snapshots of life, begging for headphones. A- - Laura Hamlett


accidents e.p. (2009)
Skin Grows Thin (2008)
Wirebird (2006)
New Every Morning (2004)

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There’s something magnetic about Dan Craig’s music. According to Playback: STL, his voice is “…soothingly scratchy, comforting and worn…” with songs that are “…simple yet refined in all the right ways…disarmingly sincere without sounding contrived…” Dan Craig’s musical production coupled with his ambition, kindness and bravery has won him a spot among Denver’s top songwriters.

An Ivy League graduate from Denver with a background in biology, he’s been forced to make some very real decisions about his life’s pursuit. In January 2008, a year and a half into medical school and with the tracks for his latest full-length, Skin Grows Thin, starting to come together, Craig decided to put school on hold to commit to music full-time.

Where his stories were meaty in the 2006 album, Wirebird, Craig has trimmed the excess in Skin Grows Thin – creating a streamlined album that feels more like an earthy storybook than a musical delicacy. Where Wirebird’s arrangements were on the ascent, the accompaniment on the new album is nearly perfect. With more of a collaborative approach for this disk, Craig’s arrangements are smart, spacious and provide his breathy, despairing vocals the air that they so desperately need. Craig’s guitar/piano/vocal styling benefits from his band including cello, mandolin, bass, drums, and harmony vocals, and the live shows are a mix of anything from solo to six-piece ensemble.

The success of Skin Grows Thin since it’s release in May 2008 has been opening doors and ears to Dan Craig both at home in Colorado and on the road. Craig's relentless touring schedule at venues such as The Mercury Lounge and CMJ 2008, combined with the placement of his single “Further to Fall" on the CW show One Tree Hill by his music publisher, has increased his growing independent radio support.

2009 brought greater attention for Dan Craig including a manager and the Accidents EP.

It seems like the business end of Craig’s young career is finally starting to catch the fire that his art has always held.