Dan Currie Band

Dan Currie Band

 Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, CAN

Pat Deighan & The Orb Weavers are a 4 piece band from Charlottetown PEI with a sound that blends rock, indie and alt country tunes into some of the best ragged ass, bar-brawl and hangover rock and roll anywhere.


The Dan Currie Band, formerly known as Dan Currie & What Happened Tomorrow are a roots rock, country and blues trio. When the band Double Ought Buckshot decided to call it quits, Dan Currie made a decision. He decided to start playing some music that was always near and dear to his heart. He began writing old school country tunes and rock tunes with elements of country and blues thrown in. He asked Craig MacPherson who had played bass with him in Double Ought Buckshot and Eyes for Telescopes to join him and invited former Eyes drummer Mike MacDougall to be the drummer. Mikes love of this kind of hybrid music was too hard to resist and he signed on to what the band now call their rocky tonk sound.

The three old friends began the long hours of practice and rehearsals that ultimately lead to the raw but potent live sound of Dan Currie & What Happened Tomorrow. The name was given to the band by drummer Mike MacDougall. Dan continued to write new material at a pace that was full throttle as the band worked to fill out a set list of originals that were A-1 prime.

In the meantime, they played some classic covers from artists like Hank Williams, George Jones and Waylon Jennings to name just a few. Those covers will occasionally still show up in a set today and why not? Wed like for folks to know where we are coming from. We come from a long line of musicians who owe a big debt of gratitude to the outlaws like Hank Williams, David Allan Coe and Steve Earle, as well as bands like the Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd. What we do is as fresh and original today as that music was thirty or forty years ago, states Dan with the confidence of an historian well versed in his specialty subject.

"The sky is the limit is a clich no question, says Dan, but we like to think it fits us as a band. By putting in the hard work and the strong foundation it takes to be a successful live and recording band, we are confident that we will be able to take advantage of the opportunities that come our way. Thats all anyone can ask for.

A change in personnel and the name of the band happened last fall. It was the first and as it turns out "only" album for the Dan Currie & WHT unit. A decision by bassist Craig MacPherson to teach English as a second language in Asia left an opening for a bass player. Dan's brother Nick stepped in and is now the band's new bass player.
With the change in personnel, came a change in the name of the band.

A new four song demo will be finished up soon leading to speculation there may be a new EP available sometime this spring. Plans call for a new album to be released in the summer of 2010.
Their current album "Crown of Stars was released in May '08.

For more information on the band visit them at www.myspace.com/dancurriemusic.


Bent 'n Busted

Written By: Dan Currie

Bent n' Busted

Bent n' busted an' couldn't be trusted,
Hellbound on leavin' once we dropped our load
Bright orange star scorchin' down from the sky,
Blood stained clothes and burnin' eyes

When we got back the temples were crowded,
Seemed that there was no place to hide
Ran through the gutters lookin' for shelter,
Got surounded with no men by my side

Oh, sacred heart,
Immaculate love
Please help me God,
My creator above

I got to thinkin',I reached for my beads,
No time to lose,I just fell to my knees
The sky grew dark, a hand reached through the clouds,
My prayers were answered,he had scattered the crowd

Oh,sacred heart,
Immaculate love
I was helped by god,
My creator above


Written By: Dan Currie


It's been forty years so far,
He's got Mary on the dashboard of his car
And I wonder how many times He's escaped death,
He's the toughest old bugger that I've ever met

The man should be a saint,
and heaven can hardly wait
To get him past thier gate,
But he ain't ready yet

Left home when he was only fourteen,
and started paintin' trucks back in forty three
Then headed for the bright lights of T.O,
Wasn't long before he found himself on skid row

The man should be a saint,
and heaven can hardly wait
To get him past their gate,
But he ain't ready yet

All he ever wanted was to be a priest,
And it finally came to life back in eighty three
I wonder how many people's lives he's changed,
and all of the differences he's made

The man should be a saint,
and heaven can hardly wait
To get him past their gate,
But he ain't ready yet

Righteous Path

Written By: Dan Currie


trippin’ on a live wire
I’ve been inspired by
my woman wearin’ knee high boots
though I’m kinda lazy
still it drives me crazy
thinkin’ of the things we could do

I can’t forget the night
that I invited
myself back to her place
it made some people jaded
now that all has faded
and we did not cut right to the chase

I am, walkin’ down the righteous path
and I ain’t,fearin’ the good lord’s wrath
like I said,I am walkin’ down a righteous path
and i can’t say that I’ll be lookin’ back

I find it hard to keep work
now that I’m a carpenter
there’s not too much around when it snows
thought I found a placement
millin’ in a basement
I guess that’s just how it goes

you never get handed
more than you can stand it
at least that is what I hear
as it gets rougher
I just get tougher
it happens year after year

I am, walkin’ down the righteous path
and I ain’t,fearin’ the good lord’s wrath
like I said,I am walkin’ down a righteous path
and i can’t say that I’ll be lookin’ back

It Makes Me

Written By: Dan Currie


there’s only one place for me to go
and that’s down south to music row
I’ve got a feelin’ in my bones
but it’s a few more throws of the stone

I got a woman and she’ll follow me
any where it is that I think I should be
she likes the ocean and I like the trees
so we’ll have to settle on Tennessee

well there ain’t no way around it
that I have certainly found it
I’ve been high up and I’ve been shot down yeah
but because of it all ,I am grounded


Crown Of Stars - 2008
Six Shooter-Double Ought Buckshot -2006
A Cared For Place -Dan Currie -2004
Third -Eyes for Telescopes -2004
45 Strings -The Tuesdays - 2004
Soundsaroundus -Eyes fro Telescopes -2002
Build A Horse-The Tuesdays -2001
Please Survive -Eyes for Telescopes - 2001

Set List

Varies; Depending on the gig.