Craiceann -- Dandielion Management & Marketing

Craiceann -- Dandielion Management & Marketing


Craiceann is a Swiss/Irish band formed in 2003, that plays a mix of world percussion dance, rhythms & songs from West Africa & Brazil. Their unique blend of the best of Samba , Hip-Hop, Maracatu, Cuban & West African rhythms and dance appeals to audiences young & old. Their West African songs & rhythms originate from Guinea & Senegal and their Brazilian repertoire features the carnival anthems of Rio’s Samba & Traditional North Brazilian Maracatu & Bumba. Add to all that, a touch of electronica


They have performed at Electric Picnic, All Over Kerry and are now taking over Ireland. With the help of choreographer & dancer Catherine Young!

Crack-en ! Means Skin in Irish !! They use authentic West African & Brazilian drums. The West African drums are mainly wooden and have natural hide heads. This gives them a pleasant earthy sound. Our Brazilian drums are a mix of wood and metal and they ring like the bells of the favelas !! Craiceann incorporates Balafon, Flute & Didgeridoo into our songs along with a multitude of traditional bells and Shekere. Their West African songs & rhythms come from Guinea & Senegal and are traditional dances. Their Brazilian songs and rhythms come the the very north of Brazil with Bumba meu Boi & Maracatu. These are traditional festival & parade dances from these regions. Of course they throw in a flavour of Rio with Samba. Add to all that a touch of Cuban and you have a mix of the best Carnival & dance beats to keep you moving.

Craiceann can also run drumming and dance workshops too!!