Dan Doiron

Dan Doiron

 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN

Groove, R&B, funk with lots of Guitar. My journey as a guitarist/singer/composer, has been influenced by Robben Ford, Larry Carlton and Eric Johnson. Lots of great energy on stage with a heavy dose of fun.


Dan Doiron has been addicted to the guitar ever since he picked it up and formed his first band at age 13 in Port Hood, Cape Breton. In fact some people say they don't recognize him without a guitar strapped on. His unique, energetic sound reflects his diverse background in rock, blues and classical guitar.

For over 20 years he has been involved in the music industry in Atlantic Canada as a musician, music educator,(B.MUS.Ed from Dalhousie University with a major in classical guitar), guitar clinician and recording engineer.

In April 2011 Dan Doiron's debut album, "Even My Guitar is in Love With You" introduced his first solo project, and the album was nominated for both a Nova Scotia Music Award and East Coast Music Award for 2012 Blues album of the Year.

“My passion has always been to express myself through the guitar and throughout the years, it’s made me who I am. On my first album, “Holdin’ on by my Six String” and “Even My Guitar is in Love With You”, reflect the role of music, and in particular the guitar, in my life.”

Dan's band has toured throughout Atlantic Canada promoting the debut release, including performances on the main stage at the premiere Atlantic Canada Blues Event; The Dutch Mason Blues Festival, for the past two years.

Now the sophomore album, "From Deep Inside", is being released in May 2013. This album project has evolved as the bands' sound has developed while touring this past year. Their style combines rock, blues and funk influences with a heavy dose of electric guitar riffs, high energy grooves and fun.

“As my journey as a musician continues, I am aware of what a great privilege it is to perform and share my music and stories with my audience.... Hope you enjoy “From Deep Inside” and thanks to everyone who inspires me to Dream Big and Play Loud... Turn it up!”


March 2013 Full album Cd Release "From Deep Inside"
10 tracks, samples at www.dandoiron.com/albums

May 2011 Full album CD release, "Even My Guitar is in Love With You"
10 tracks, samples at www.dandoiron.com/albums