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Baby Take My Hand

Written By: Dan Early

Baby Take My Hand
Dan Early
May/June 2006

G/EM/C/D (fast beat)
add on G/EM at end of each verse and chorus with easy rythm

I heard you crying thru the rain last night
No one told me about the pain your in
Well I wont let another rainy night go by
Baby take my hand....and I promise nothing but blue sky

Baby take my hand and I'll lead you to forever
I know we'll make it through and always be together
Forever is not that long, it just feels that way tonight
Baby take my hand.. and I promise to make it right

The winds of change are blowing warm tonight
I can feel it in air alright
Your Sitting at the fork in the road not knowing what to do
Baby take my hand..and I promise to see you through

Walk with me now, down the boardwalk of life
You can hear the waves, crashing in the night
So fall into my arms, like the waves upon that beach
Baby, take my hand, and i promise a life with you is'n reach

Five More Minutes (My Heart Was Pounding)

Written By: Dan Early

Five More Minutes (My Heart Was Pounding)
Dan Early
July 2005

I got off the plane at MSY
She looked at the arrivals and she saw it was mine
wondering if she be waiting there
if all'd be allright and if she really cared

well my heart was pounding as I walked from the gate
yeah, my heart was pounding, for having to wait
my heart was pounding until i saw her face....
my heart was pounding....

I walked up the terminal and out into space
my angel was waiting with a smile on her face
we were gripped by fear and we were gripped by nerves
but with simple hug we found our souls had merged....and


After 2 long nights, we sat in the car
addicted to the feeling, and how we came so far
so in love, wondering if it was real
could this be the one that to show me how to feel

I walked through security and back to my seat
my bags were packed and I was dead on my feet
my cell phone rang, and I smiled again
I knew who it was and I couldn't pretend

She asked for...

5 more minutes To steal my heart
5 more minutes just to sit hear and talk
about nothing but about everything
sharing our hopes and sharing our dreams
for 5 more minutes...